Woman faces possible assault charges after striking boyfriend and other woman with her car

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: The Graham County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a situation in which a woman allegedly struck her boyfriend and another woman with her car out of rage.

By Jon Johnson


GRAHAM COUNTY – A Safford woman is facing possible multiple charges after allegedly striking her boyfriend and another woman with her car.

Shelby Rene Apodaca, 25, of Safford is facing two possible charges of aggravated assault, two charges of disorderly conduct, assault, and criminal trespass in the third degree even though both victims advised they no longer wish to pursue charges.

The complaint was initiated in the late evening of May 11 when the male victim was hanging out with the female victim and decided it was best to text his girlfriend (Apodaca) and tell her not to come by his house.

Apodaca then arrived at the residence off W. Saddle Drive and proceeded to allegedly assault the female who was with her boyfriend. According to the victims’ initial report, the male victim managed to physically remove Apodaca from assaulting the other female and put her in her car. At that point, the victims said Apodaca struck them as she left, with the male going under the car and the female being knocked onto the hood and over the car. Both subjects were evaluated by paramedics with Lifeline Ambulance at the scene and denied transport to the hospital for further treatment.

While a deputy was getting the victims’ statements, Apodaca’s car – a gray 2017 Ford Fusion – was found by a Safford Police officer parked on 2nd Avenue. The Ford appeared to have fresh scuff marks on its hood as well as other indicators of being involved and the engine was still hot. However, despite repeated attempts, nobody answered the door to the residence where the Ford was located. The car was then towed to the County Yard for storage as evidence.

The following day, the female victim informed the Sheriff’s Office that she no longer wished to pursue criminal charges against Apodaca. A few days after that on May 16, the male victim also spoke to a deputy and advised he didn’t want to pursue any charges either – which he also stated the night of the incident.

However, due to his involvement being a domestic situation, the deputy said he was duty bound to file his report with the County Attorney’s Office, which will make the ultimate decision on whether or not to charge Apodaca. The deputy advised since the female victim initially wanted charges filed, those would be forwarded to the County Attorney’s Office for review as well.

Apodaca spoke to the investigating deputy over the phone regarding the incident but said she didn’t feel comfortable answering any questions without an attorney present and she declined to meet with the deputy in person,.

The deputy then forwarded his report to the County Attorney’s Office for review and possible charging.

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