Woman accused of assault after picking up acquaintance for beer run

The incident took place outside of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Victim reports incident occurred due to drug buy

By Jon Johnson


SAFFORD – A beer run turned into a physical altercation between two women the evening of July 30, when they had a difference of opinion on where to go after purchasing the beer. 

Officers were informed of the alleged assault by a telephone interview with the victim. She advised she was picked up from her home by a woman for the purpose of taking her to go purchase beer from a convenience store. Afterward, the victim said the driver advised she was going to pick up a worker from Kentucky Fried Chicken but the victim believed she was doing so in order to purchase heroin. 

The victim said she got into a verbal argument with the driver because the victim didn’t want any part of a drug transaction. She said that during the argument, the driver picked up three rocks and struck her in her head. She then left the scene and was picked up by a relative. 

The officer located the alleged suspect at the KFC worker’s residence on 13th Street and questioned her about the reported assault. The suspect advised that after buying the beer she went to KFC to pick up an employee and was outside of the car talking to her and other KFC workers when the victim got into the driver’s seat and refused to exit. 

The suspect advised that she was grabbed by the shirt and punched in the face prior to throwing rocks at the victim. She said she did not know if the rocks struck her. 

The officer also interviewed a KFC manager who said she saw the victim standing outside the vehicle yelling obscenities at the workers and the suspect but did not see any physical altercation. 

The officer informed the suspect that he would send his report to the Graham County Attorney’s Office for review and possible charging of disorderly conduct and assault. 

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