Who is Brett Hundley?

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With all due respect to Brett Hundley, his name is one that the Baltimore Ravens fans will be hoping that they do not hear all too often in the upcoming 2022 NFL season.

Now, while that sounds like a criticism of his ability on the field, fans will know that it is rather regarding the fact that they have one of the top quarterbacks in the league in their arsenal at the moment in Lamar Jackson.

Nonetheless, should Hundley be called upon for whatever reason – most likely because of an injury or illness that may be experienced throughout the upcoming campaign – then it is perhaps worthwhile knowing about the experienced backup and what he could potentially bring to the field.

That is exactly what we will look to try and do within this article, as we delve into the 29-year-old’s NFL career thus far, and see what he could potentially provide the Ravens moving forward?

Who is Brett Hundley?

Baltimore Ravens fans would be forgiven if the only instance of Hundley where they had heard of him previously was the news that confirmed that he would be signed by the team as an undrafted free agent to join the quarterback locker room alongside Jackson, Tyler Huntley, and Anthony Brown.

Indeed, he has had very limited playing time since coming through the NFL draft in 2015 after being selected in the fifth round as the 147th pick by the Green Bay Packers. In Wisconsin, where he became the backup to Aaron Rodgers, the UCLA graduate started nine games of 15 matches that he was a part of.

Since then, he has only managed to make two appearances in the NFL – with both of these having come in the 2019 season while he was part of the Arizona Cardinals serving as a backup for Kyler Murray during his rookie year.

His main career totals as of the beginning of the 2022 NFL season read:

  • 198 total completions for 1,902 passing yards at a completion rate of 59.1% (total of 336 pass attempts)
  • 9 touchdowns
  • 13 interceptions
  • 67.6 passer rating
  • 309 rushing yards
  • 2 rushing touchdowns

Not entirely disastrous given the game time that he has had, which is perhaps why John Harbaugh, Eric DeCosta, and the Baltimore Ravens organization decided to sign the undrafted free agent when given the opportunity to do so.

What will he bring to the Ravens?

It might be fair to say that the Ravens and fans alike will be hoping that he is able to bring a wealth of experience with him into the organization; something that may be vital to the locker room if they are able to mount a Super Bowl challenge.

Indeed, everyone will have been disappointed with the collapse of last year’s campaign and how it fizzled out without playoff football, especially as sports betting had recently arrived within the state and fans were finally provided with an opportunity to place wagers on the team that they are passionate about.

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If they are to get there, then those who may consider placing a bet on the upcoming season will be hoping for Hundley’s experience in a variety of different locker rooms as he enters his eighth year in the National Football League.

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Why do many believe Hundley’s experience could be beneficial for the Ravens?

As mentioned previously, the 29-year-old has already been able to spend significant time in locker rooms in the NFL that have featured star quarterbacks.

During his time in Green Bay, he was arguably backup to one of the best QBs in the modern era in Rodgers. Let’s not forget that he is the current MVP in the league; the fourth of his career. Additionally, he spent time at the Seattle Seahawks where he was an understudy to another Super Bowl-winning QB in Russell Wilson.

Lastly, he spent time at the Cardinals where he may have been providing Murray with some words of wisdom. This could easily be replicated with Jackson, and while Lamar is already an exceptionally talented individual, there is no denying that Hundley will have likely picked up pointers from Rodgers, Wilson, and Murray that could provide some benefits to the Ravens and their star QB.

Indeed, it is something that his QB coach in Baltimore has already noted, with James Urban stating that he is a “diligent guy” and a player whose experience can be incredibly beneficial.

According to quotes shared by Ravens Wire, he said: “Brett, boy, he’s had some experience now with some of the rooms he’s been in. Anytime you’re going into Year Eight in this league … It’s funny, he just had his 29th birthday, and all of our guys are calling him the ‘OG’ like he’s an old guy. It’s not … 29, ‘geez’, I wish. (laughter) But no, I love his experience. He’s a diligent guy. When you’re in that role, you’ve got to take advantage of mental reps, and he does a great job with that.”

What is likely to happen for Hundley at the Ravens?

While his experience is clearly something that the organization can potentially look to exploit, Hundley’s position on the roster does look a little murkier. Let’s not forget that the franchise has a total of four quarterbacks on the depth chart, with Jackson the undoubted No. 1.

Tyler Huntley is likely to keep the job as his No. 2, therefore that would mean the 29-year-old would have to either try and compete for the third spot or be a practice squad member. There is no guarantee that a third QB will be provided a spot on Harbaugh’s roster for games, either.

There is a lot to think about, but as long as he is around, the Ravens should look to soak up as much knowledge that Hundley can pass on.