Use your tax credit to help feed those in need

Contributed Photo: Help those in need by utilizing your tax credit to help supply food banks in Clifton and Duncan.

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GREENLEE COUNTY – “The Clifton & Duncan Food Banks of First Southern Baptist Church exist to fight hunger and feed hope in Greenlee County. We are committed to meeting the needs of our community through the distribution of nutritious food. We value respect, compassion, and honesty in all interactions and activities.” This mission statement sums up what we do as a food bank – care for people and meet needs.

The need exists in rural Greenlee County: twenty percent of children face food insecurity, not knowing where their food will come from. Most of Greenlee County is a food desert, with low access to affordable, nutritious food. Over one-fourth of residents are designated as working poor.

Our Duncan location expanded in 2020, just in time to serve the community through the pandemic. 2022 brought a second site in Clifton without a food bank. We serve around 250 needy families monthly through twice-monthly distributions and a food pantry.

Our clients tell the impact that we make: “If it wasn’t for the food bank we would have starved.” “There were some extremely hard times, but we were able to get through it with the help of our local food bank.” “I depend on the food bank to eat.”

Clifton & Duncan Food Banks are members of the Graham Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition. The GGTCC promotes a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Income Tax Credit.  You can receive this tax credit to offset your AZ income tax liability by donating to a qualified local nonprofit and our local schools.  To learn more about this opportunity, visit our website at  The GGTCC is administered by the Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley and can be reached at Please consider contributing to help us help your community.