Top 5 skills every college student should learn for career success

If you are currently in college, this is the perfect time to build a solid foundation for your future career. Apart from handling homework, keeping your grades high, and acquiring the education that will help you jump-start your professional path, you also need to focus on your skills.

According to experts, modern employers put skills above a degree and other achievements. Companies now want employees who have a proven record of skills that will help them succeed in the workplace. So if you want to ensure success, now is the time to delegate your current assignments to a trusted essay writing service and focus on building the right skills.

But what skills exactly do you want to acquire?


We know what you must be thinking right now.

According to a an essay to professionals in order to maintain high grades and not deal with boring papers on their own. According to a number of reviews on, most young people prefer to pay for an essay from professionals in order to maintain high grades and not deal with boring papers on their own. Still, writing is one of the most crucial life skills you have to acquire for your future career.

A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers revealed that over 73% of employers are looking for writing as one of the top skills in the workplace. Writing enables effective communication across departments. This ability is also crucial for quality interactions with customers, reporting, and many other tasks in different jobs and industries. Thus, it’s the number one skill you need for your future job.


In 2018, 42% of all employees (around 65 million) held positions that listed social skills as the most important ones. The demand for these skills keeps growing today too. According to recent surveys, 57% of Human Resources professionals believe that interpersonal skills will rise in demand over the next five years. And 69% of recruiters believe that strong communication skills are the most pivotal ones.

Although not all vacancies list communication as one of the job responsibilities, these skills will still come in handy at any workplace. Whether you need to convey your ideas to management or find a common language with colleagues, solid communication skills will definitely help.


The next skill you must acquire before graduation is teamwork. According to Zippia, in 2023, over 50% of all new job listings require teamwork, with 52% of US employees themselves claiming that teamwork is “very important” in the workplace.

Unlike the two previous must-have skills, this one might be harder to acquire. However, colleges offer plenty of opportunities for this. Namely, you can join sports or student clubs, engage in group projects, etc. All these extracurricular activities can be hard to combine with full-time studies. However, with the help of professional essay writing services, you should be able to find balance.


Problem-solving is also among the skills that will come in handy in every person’s life. First of all, this ability will significantly help you in your studies. You can use them to solve scientific hypotheses and math problems, write academic papers, etc. And, of course, these skills will also help you succeed in the workplace.

Just a few years ago, GBS Corporate Training predicted that 36% of jobs in all industries would demand problem-solving as one of the core abilities by 2020. This prediction came true. Today, most new jobs are indeed seeking proficient problem solvers. According to employers and recruiters, this skill is the mark of an effective and independent employee.

Time management

Speaking about skills that are crucial in all spheres of life, time management is also among them. This ability enables you to manage your schedule and time resources in the most effective way. It will help you succeed in your studies, personal life, and, of course, in the workplace. 

These days, all employers are looking for solid time management skills in their potential employees. These skills are so crucial because no matter how knowledgeable and skilled a worker is, they won’t be able to handle job tasks on time and efficiently if they don’t know how to manage their time well. In the workplace, time management skills ensure productivity and effectiveness. Besides, these skills enable employees to attain a better work-life balance, which means better employee satisfaction and retention too. Thus, this is one more skill you want to acquire while still in college.

The bottom line

These are some of the most in-demand and crucial skills for career success. If you acquire them while still in college, these abilities will give you a competitive advantage and help you land the job of your dreams.

Of course, attaining and honing these top skills requires time and dedication. As a current student, you might find it hard to carve out enough time for this. But remember that you can always use the best paper writing services to delegate your tasks to professionals and focus on things that matter for your future.