Tluczek resigns from Gila Watershed Partnership

Contributed Photo: After four years as the director of the Gila Watershed Partnership, Melanie Tluczek is stepping down to pursue a new opportunity.

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – After four years at the helm of the Gila Watershed Partnership (GWP), director Melanie Tluczek will move onto greener pastures. 

Contributed Photo: Melanie Tluczek

Tluczek submitted her resignation, effective Sept. 7, due to “an exceptional opportunity for her family,” according to GWP Chairman Danny Smith. 

“Melanie has served as our director since July 2017 and has done an amazing professional job in leading GWP,” Smith wrote in a press release. “With Melanie’s dedication, we have furthered our mission to improve the water quantity and water quality in the watershed through projects which build strong relationships that benefit the people of our watershed.”

Tluczek has been influential in GWP projects including the restoration of the Gila River, native plant propagation, education, and sustainable recreation along the San Francisco River and Gila River, including assisting with the proposed park along the Gila River. 

Smith advised that the GWP board has begun its search for a new director and that Tluczek will remain on in a reduced capacity through the transition up until Jan. 1, 2022. 

“GWP has a long history of being ‘doers’ by bringing diverse agencies, diverse land usage, and diverse opinions together with visible and measurable results,” Smith wrote in his release. “With your support, we will continue to lead the community projects that GWP has taken on, further connecting the people of the Upper Gila Watershed to the benefits of improving and protecting our watershed.” 

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