The ever-expanding world of gaming and exciting releases still to come

Gamers everywhere are eagerly anticipating what this year has in store. After what felt like an eternity for some waiting on the release of Hogwarts Legacy, gamers were delighted with the launch and have already clocked in their fair share of hours playing.

Whilst many are content with exploring the grounds of Hogwarts, this release has made some gamers even more excited for the other upcoming gaming releases. The gaming world is constantly expanding. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned gamer or just dipping your toes into the pool, there are some exciting releases yet to come. It is never too late to join! Keep reading to find a taste of what is yet to come in the gaming world.

Popular games on all platforms

Whilst the release date of long-awaited games helps to get fans excited, there is also the deflation for those who do not own the latest consoles. A common trend with any gaming release is that a new game will first be released on the latest consoles and then other consoles later. As such, fans with a PlayStation 4 or a Nintendo Switch sometimes have to wait a month or two before joining in on the exciting adventures a new game offers.

To help pass the time, gamers often play other new releases or revisit some of their favorites while waiting for these popular games to be released on all platforms. Alongside this, some might choose to spend their time reading reviews to help them decide if the game is worth the investment. Others might even play an online casino game for the thrill and to see if they could make a profit – one they could put towards investing in a new game. Of course, using these casino reviews and spending what they can afford to lose will help gamers to gamble online safely.

Exclusive console releases

Understandably, those unfamiliar with the world of gaming might be unfamiliar with knowing which franchises are exclusive to particular consoles. For instance, any game in the Super Mario franchise is exclusive to Nintendo consoles. Those who are new to gaming and undecided about what console to invest in should spend time comparing which games are featured at the top of the list. Using the information you have found, you can look at what consoles they will be released on. This can help to narrow down the options and choose which console you invest in. It could be a Nintendo console, an Xbox, or PlayStation.

If it is PlayStation, you are in luck! Without question, one of the most highly anticipated games in the gaming community for the year is the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which is exclusive to PlayStation. This long-awaited sequel allows players the opportunity to switch between playing Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Along the way, they will encounter some of Marvel’s fan-favorite villains, including Venom. However, there is still a long wait for this one to be released, as the launch date for the game is expected to be in the autumn. For now, fans can play the first one to help build up their excitement for the sequel’s release.

Classics are returning

Without question, the crown for one of the best-selling gaming franchises goes to Street Fighter. Street Fighter rapidly grew in popularity following its launch as an arcade game in 1987. The game helped to redefine an entire genre of fighting games and even had numerous spin-offs and sequels. As more people fell in love with the game, as you can imagine, the demand for it to be available on other consoles increased.

Over the years, the game and its sequels have become available on multiple consoles, allowing more gamers to enjoy this classic. The love for the game only grows stronger, especially with the release of Street Fighter 6 set to launch in June 2023. Those fortunate to have had a preview of the game have teased the exciting new systems and ability to create your own fighters. When the game is finally released, of course, it is anticipated to please those who have been fans of the franchise for many years. However, it is also expected to welcome a wave of new gamers who have never played Street Fighter before. What is even more exciting is that some of the fighters from previous games will return to challenge many of the newer fighters. As you can imagine, we are beyond excited about this legendary release!

Get ready Player One

Have you decided on which games you are most excited about this year? Do you have a countdown for when the game is expected to be released? Every year feels like an exciting year for gaming. However, this year feels particularly special. It could be due to the endless praise and extraordinary success HBO’s adaptation of The Last Of Us had at the start of the year. Or it could be the many highly anticipated releases coming in 2023 and beyond.

Whatever the reason, now is an exciting time to get ready and dive into the world of gaming. So, get ready player one; adventure awaits!