Racers turn out for Community and Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

Contributed Photo: Pinewood Derby racers from the Boys & Girls Club entrants are readied for the event.

Staff Reports

SAFFORD – The time-honored tradition of Pinewood Derby was alive and well Saturday, as Cub Scouts and youth and adults from the community gathered at Arizona Dodge to put their build skills to the test in the Cub Scouts District Race Championships. 

Contributed Photo: Chase Knudsen shows off his racer.

There were 37 Cub Scouts in the competition, as well as 28 non-scout youth (roughly half were from the Boys & Girls Club of the Gila Valley) and four adult racers for a total of 69 competitors in five divisions. With race conditions perfect as Mother Nature cooperated for the outdoor event, more than 100 were in attendance to enjoy the food, music, and racing. 

Benjamin Bolin from the Bears division (9-year-old scouts) took home first-place overall with an average time of 3.10 seconds down the track. The Bears division was the most competitive and the fastest as Boston Echols took second in the division with an average time of 3.14; Kaden Davis was third in 3.15; Mons Larson was fourth in 3.166; and Justin Hanchett was fifth in 3.169. 

Below are the top 3 racers in each of the other divisions. 

Contributed Photo: DPS Trooper McBride writes up a speeding ticket. Actually, Trooper McBride is shown here making a quick adjustment to his son’s car.

Webelos – 10-year-old Scouts

  1. Jensen Jarvis                       3.19
  2. Tucker Lockmanese         3.22
  3. Luke Labrum                        3.26

Wolves – 8-year-old Scouts

  1. Spencer Smith                       3.14
  2. Gunther Allred                      3.26
  3. Grayson Williams                3.27

Community Youth

  1. Tyra Richardson                      3.57
  2. Karley Smith                            3.585
  3. Destiny Rollins                        3.586

Community Adult

  1. David Stewart                          3.21
  2. Susan Schernen                      3.53
  3. Raul Maza                                3.61

Click here to see a photo album from the event. 

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