Quality H2O and Ice now open in Thatcher and Pima

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Herald: Quality H2O and Ice now has two great locations – one in Thatcher and one in Pima.

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Jeff and Karen Martin, former owners of Jo Bi’s Convenience Market, have brought a new business to the Gila Valley.

Quality H2O and Ice provides 24-hour water and ice vending. There are two machine locations to choose from. One location is at 2222 W. Highway 70 in Thatcher, and the second is at 367 E. Highway 70 in Pima. 

Quality H2O and Ice’s mission is to bring a high-quality option for water and ice at a fair market price. Adding the convenience of 24 hours a day and contactless products for the customer.

The machines accept credit and debit cards, cash, and coins, or set up with the Ice2U app and get free Ice.  Choose 1 gallon of chilled water for .25 cents, 3 gallons for .75 cents, or 5 gallons for $1.25. Ice is available in 10-pound bags for $2 or 20-pound bags for $3.
If you would like to fill an ice chest you can choose bulk ice. Bulk ice vends 20 pounds for $3 and it comes directly from the bulk ice vend into your cooler with no bag. 

Both ice machines (Thatcher and Pima) use the same size bags for both 10-pound bags and for 20-pound bag ice vends. If you look at your ice bag it shows you that there is a 10-pound zone and a 20-pound zone. Depending on the vendor selection, the ice bag will fill the correct zone. A 10-pound bag will be half full or in the 10-pound zone, and the 20-pound bag will be filled to the upper tie level or the 20-pound zone.

The top portion of the bags has a perforated zip and tie line that separates easily to allow the bag to be tied shut.

The water is made from filtered, dechlorinated softened reverse osmosis water, that is passed through an ultraviolet system and carbon particulate filter to supply the ice maker and water dispensers. The ice is frozen in layers using falling water. It is then chipped into pieces that fit right into your cooler, cup, or glass. The process is completely automated with no human contact to supply safe, clean, and fresh products from when the water enters the system to the ice and water delivery dispensing points.