PlentyOfFish causing plenty of problems

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – File this one under if you don’t really know a person don’t send them naked pictures of yourself.

A Safford man was the victim of a blackmail attempt Sunday after sending naked pictures to a woman he met on the PlentyOfFish dating website. PlentyOfFish is a free dating website and application popular in Canada and the United States.

The victim reportedly told authorities that after meeting a woman named “Ashley” on the site the two soon began to send each other naked pictures. However, a few hours after doing so, a man alleging to be Ashley’s father called the victim and said Ashley was underage and that – for some unknown reason – he had to take her to the hospital.

The “father” then advised that he would not press charges against the victim if he paid the hospital bill of $1,300. He also advised that if the victim didn’t pay the request, he would show the pictures to the victim’s boss and media.

Instead of falling for the fraud, the victim informed the police and gave them the two cell phone numbers of the woman and her “father.”