Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry qualifies for a dollar-for-dollar tax donation

Contributed Photo: Get a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Income Tax Credit when you donate to Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry.

Contributed Article/Courtesy GGTCC

SAFFORD – Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry is a great non-profit organization that was founded in 2004. That is almost 20 years of helping our friends and neighbors and we could not have done all of this work without you! 

Our success stories are your success stories too! You helped us feed an average of 1,000 people each month last year! You have helped seniors raise their grandchildren and great-grandchildren and helped people that just could not make ends meet each month and needed to visit us an average of three times last year. 

You also helped us to buy seeds and tools for our garden! In just the month of January this year, we had 355 students participate in our STEAM program. Those students learned about the garden, planted seeds, pulled weeds, and we like to think that they loved every minute of it! You did that! You gave us the tools to teach those that want to learn! Our future gardeners! 

Contributed Photo: This year, 355 students participated in the farm’s STEAM program.

But, there is still work to be done… we are building a chicken coop, fixing our greenhouse, creating an herb garden, and fixing water lines… and it does not stop there, we receive donations of food and participate in grocery rescue, but what is not donated, we purchase.

Contributed Photo: The Farm is a teaching facility as well.

Our Neighbors Farm & Pantry is a member of the Graham Greenlee Tax Credit Coalition. The GGTCC promotes a dollar-for-dollar Arizona Income Tax Credit, you can receive this tax credit to offset your Arizona income tax liability by donating to a qualified local nonprofit and our local schools. To learn more about this opportunity, visit our website at www.ggtcc.org. The GGTCC is administered by the Arizona Community Foundation of the Gila Valley and can be reached at: grahamgreenleetcc@gmail.com