Officer’s intuition leads to small meth seizure

An officer located half a gram of methamphetamine and a meth pipe after a driver left the dome light on in his truck while visiting someone at the Tour Rest Motel on Wednesday.

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – An officer patrolling the Tour Rest Motel’s parking lot Wednesday, May 8, questioned a suspicious subject after he had accidentally left the dome light on in the truck he was driving and ultimately located a half gram of methamphetamine and a glass meth pipe. 

According to a Safford Police report, the officer was patrolling the parking lot at about 8:19 p.m. when he noticed a subject, later identified as Mike Tomlin, park a white, 1995 Dodge pickup truck. The officer said he noticed the dome light was on and the Tomlin appeared to be removing items from his possession and placing them in the truck. Tomlin then exited and knocked on a motel room door, leaving on the dome light. 

The officer went over to the truck and looked inside the driver’s window. He reported seeing a torch lighter and a pack of cigarettes that were bulging out due to what appeared to be something wrapped in a paper towel inside. 

The officer then pulled his vehicle into the alley and less than a minute later observed Tomlin walk back to the truck. The officer engaged Tomlin, who said he had returned to the truck because to turn off the dome light. 

The officer asked about the cigarette pack and if it contained a meth pipe and meth.

Tomlin allegedly answered, “I guess that I’m going to jail then?” He reportedly admitted to having a meth pipe and a small amount of meth in the cigarette pack and that he got in trouble for the same thing in 2006. He said he had been clean but had recently fallen off the wagon and started using a few weeks ago. 

The officer seized the meth and pipe and informed Tomlin that his report would be sent to prosecutors for review and charging. Tomlin was then released at the scene. 

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