Man videos tenant injecting heroin with acquaintance

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – A man who reached out to help a woman in need discovered she was using heroin in his apartment and notified the police.

According to a Safford Police report, the man had allowed the woman to stay at his apartment as a tenant to assist her through a difficult time. The man said he knew the woman had previously had substance abuse issues but that she told him she was off drugs.

However, in the late evening of Tuesday, May 31, the man left the apartment but as he was driving away noticed a car stop in front of his apartment and a man run out of the car and into his apartment.

Finding the action suspicious, the man returned to his apartment, looked through a window and saw the woman and her acquaintance apparently preparing to inject heroin. The man then took out his cellphone and video recorded the pair injecting the drug.

The man then called the police and, upon their arrival, showed them the video and advised of the situation.

Officers contacted the woman, who was surprised they knew what she had done. After advising that they would not arrest anyone and just wanted to check their welfare and confiscate the needles, the woman allowed the officers entry to the apartment.

After checking the apartment and not finding anyone in need of medical assistance, the officers secured the syringes for destruction. Both the woman and her acquaintance denied any assistance with quitting using heroin and said “they were good and didn’t need any help.”

During the search, officers noticed a large quantity of clothes that still had store tags and hangers laying on the floor. The woman advised that her “baby’s daddy” gave her the clothes.

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