Man gets knife slashed at him, has SUV damaged in case of mistaken identity

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: A man who had the word ‘slut’ carved into his SUV and the vehicle’s tires slashed believed he is a victim of mistaken identity.

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – A man who believes he was mistaken for someone else had a harrowing experience when another man attempted to cut him with a knife after he discovered him damaging his SUV. 

According to a police report, the victim advised he was in his home when he heard noises outside. When he went to investigate, he noticed that his driveway light bulb wasn’t working because it had been unscrewed. 

The man screwed the light bulb back in and turned on the light. He then noticed male and a female crouched down by the driver’s side door of his Dodge Durango.

The male suspect, described as being Hispanic, roughly 5’ 7” tall and skinny with a light mustache, then lunged at the resident with a knife and cut the victim’s shirt and scratched his stomach. The man’s shirt had a hole in it and he showed the officer a four-inch horizontal scratch.  

The female then allegedly yelled, “Come on fool,” and the two ran northbound up the street. The woman was also described as being Hispanic with long black hair and was wearing all black, including a hooded sweatshirt. 

The officer examined the Durango and found three of the four tires had been slashed and the word “slut” was carved into the driver’s side door. There were also various scratch marks on the driver’s side front fender, door, passenger door, and rear fender.

A check of the area for the suspects came up with negative results and no suspects or leads had been located at the time of the officer’s report.

The vehicle’s owner advised that he believed he was the victim of mistaken identity because he didn’t have any enemies. 

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