Man arrested for criminal littering after urinating on private property

Employees advised the suspect has been repeatedly told to stop defouling the property.

Business says man is a repeat offender

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – A man was arrested and trespassed from a medical property after allegedly repeatedly urinating on the business. 

Brock Crandall, 36, of Safford, was arrested for criminal littering, given a citation, and released. Crandall was also advised that he was trespassed from the property – which he was previously trespassed from in 2020. 

According to a Safford Police report, authorities were dispatched at about 7:10 p.m. to the Fresenius Medical Center at 1250 S. 20th Ave. regarding a male urinating on the property. 

Upon arrival, an employee showed an officer a photograph of the male urinating and the officer identified him as Crandall. The employee corroborated the identification and said Crandall had been requested several times to stop urinating on the business’ building and tables and to not return to the property. The employee said this has not stopped Crandall from doing so. 

The officer then examined the table in question and reported it to be “completely covered in urine.” 

The officer located Crandall walking in the area of his last known address and recognized him to be in the same clothes shown in the picture taken from the medical establishment. 

Crandall denied urinating on the table, according to the report, and became confrontational and demanded to know who was taking pictures of him. 

The officer then gave Crandall a citation for criminal littering and instructed him to not return to the property as he was again trespassed from it.