Jail Booking Report for March 4 – 17

Following is a listing of bookings from the Graham County Adult Detention Facility from March 4, 2019, through March 17, 2019. All information is gathered from the jail’s booking roster. While the following have been incarcerated, each person is considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

March 4

Calvin Cauthen, 31, assault, disorderly conduct, order of protection violation, GCSO. Jake Lindenberger, 37, DUI, GCSO.

March 5

Paige Gillespie, 29, probation violation, possession of a narcotic drug, GCSO. Robert Bevins, 25, warrant, possession of weapons by a prohibited person, GCPD. Steven Fernandez, 60, commitment order, self. Michael Rossman, 40, warrant, probation violation, SPD. Ramon Garcia, 23, warrant, probation violation, GCSO.

March 6

Cliff Smith, 29, possession of a narcotic drug, promoting prison contraband, GCSO. Steven Fernandez, 60, possession of a narcotic drug, resisting arrest, GCSO. Manuel Campos, 37, promoting prison contraband, GCSO.

March 7

Darline Smith, 29, warrant, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, SPD. Dora Gandarilla, 37, warrant, possession of a narcotic drug, GCSO. Robert Patton, 31, probation violation, GCPD. Jared Stevens, 34, warrant, GCSO. Tyrone Tsinnijinnie, 25, aggravated assault, child or vulnerable adult abuse, GCSO.

March 8

Cami Jo Clark, 32, warrant, DPS. Jacob Vaughn, 36, disorderly conduct, GCSO. Gabriella Villa, 24, warrants, GCSO. Destiney Hancock, 29, assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass in the first degree, GCSO. Olivia Leon, 26, warrant, GCSO. Antonio Baeza, 32, commitment order, self. Deborah Vick, 65, aggravated assault, SPD.

March 9

Marcus Perea, 23, warrant, GCSO. Jeremy Cauthen, 37, warrant, PPD.

March 10

Justin Norton, 46, warrant, GCSO. Juan Garcia, 33, aggravated assault, GCSO.

March 11

Charles Flowers, 55, assault, disorderly conduct, PPD.

March 12

Michael Nelee, 51, warrant, GCSO. Steven Rope, 25, aggravated assault, kidnapping, TPD. Mariah Prescott, 24, warrant, DPS.

March 13

No Bookings

March 14

Received eight UDA females from the Bureau of Prisons to hold for ICE. Santiago Flores, 33, assault, SPD. Alex Dunn, 26, warrant, probation hold, SPD. Eddie Guerrero, 26, warrant, probation hold, GCPD.

March 15

Ben Shaw, 43, warrants, SPD. Abran Christopher Bejarano, 32, robbery, SPD. Steven Marsh, 29, probation hold, GCPD. Anthony Montano, 21, warrant, SPD. Jeremy Bowman, 34, warrant, PPD. Martin Delgado, 32, possession of a narcotic drug, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, GCSO. Received 15 UDA males from the Bureau of Prisons to hold for ICE.

March 16

Uriah Pasley, 32, warrant, TPD.

March 17

Jesus Mendez, 45, warrant, SPD. James Abold, 31, warrant, SPD. Jeremy Nelson, 37, warrant, PPD.

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