Jail Booking Log for October 27 – November 1

Following is a listing of bookings from the Graham County Adult Detention Facility from Oct. 27 – Nov. 1, 2021. All information is gathered from the jail’s booking roster. While the following have been incarcerated, each person is considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

October 27

Zepharan Hall, 23, commitment order, self. Rhiannon Campos, 21, disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia, shoplifting, DPS.

October 28

Katerina Salinas, 29, warrant, GCSO. Heather Hancock-Adams, 25, warrants, GCSO. Marissa Fischer, 27, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug paraphernalia, DPS. Ian Estrella, 23, hold for Pascua Yaqi Tribe, GCSO. Diane Estrada, 48, commitment order, self. Keana Trujillo, 22, commitment order/warrant, self.

October 29

Darin Honga, 37, commitment order, self. Ilana Decker, 20, open container of liquor in a vehicle, underage with liquor in body, DUI, extreme DUI, DPS.

October 30

Amber Elgo, assault, GCSO.

October 31

Jessica Thompson, 55, warrant, PPD. Abigail Hodge, 20, warrant, GCSO. Gunner Nichols, 18, warrant, GCSO. Corrine Runyon, 50, warrant, GCSO.

November 1

Nicholas Aranda, 22, commitment order, self.