How to nail every essay: A comprehensive guide

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Are writing assignments the most daunting tasks for you? Well, it’s hardly surprising. Essays take up a lot of energy. Not to mention countless hours of research before you can even start writing. Yet, you don’t need to love essay writing to nail it. There are a few things to change in your writing approach to get an A every time.

It all comes down to a proper mindset and clear steps to follow. Academic writing has rules that often get glanced over for the sake of meeting that deadline. You’ll just need to make enough time for your writing assignment. And here are six steps to follow to always nail your essays regardless if you love writing or not.      

Get invested in the topic

The major trick in acing your essay is finding what makes you excited about the topic. It can be a desire to prove your point in an argumentative essay. Or, it can be an opportunity to share your feelings on the topical issue. If you look at the best essays EssayHub for sale online, you’ll notice the authors are opinionated as much as they are well-spoken. So, pick something that makes you tick.

There can be an interesting aspect even in the most boring of topics. You just need to do proper research to find it. But once you do, there’s finally a motivation for you to get on with the writing.   

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Watch your language

Keeping up with academic jargon can be a slippery slope. Especially when it comes to essays that allow more of a personal touch. It can be tempting to use a punchy slang word or an idiom to show off your writing style. But unless it’s an assignment for a creative writing workshop, this approach won’t fly with academic essays.

That said, it doesn’t mean that your writing has to be completely robotic and bland. When you’re looking for an essay writing service, you’d count on getting an engaging paper in an academic writing style. You’d just want to follow all the guidelines on neutral language and no contractions.

Formatting matters

The thing that costs you points constantly is lousy formatting. And the most frustrating part is how easy it is to fix this problem. So, do not let your laziness and inattentiveness get in the way of your grades. Make sure that you keep all the margins, capitalizations, in-text citations, and references in check.

Have ready templates with the most common formatting styles like MLA and APA. Thus, you wouldn’t have to do all the formatting by hand for every single paper. You save yourself some time and take care of careless formatting mistakes in advance. 

Follow the structure

Make sure that your paper is well-structured. There’s a reason why an essay has a clear composition. You’ll always want to have your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion in any paper. Of course, when you order an essay, you can count on getting an abstract or division into sections like “methodology” and “analysis” if needed. But the three main components will always remain the same.

Pay attention to the visual appeal of the paper as well. The introduction and conclusion usually have to be about the same length. As well as body paragraphs. Do not make them over five to six sentences. Remember that these restrictions hone your preciseness. 

Polish your thesis statement

Do not forget to pay extra attention to your thesis statement. This sentence is why you’re writing the whole paper in the first place. Your professor will likely be looking at it before even reading the essay itself. And that’s not surprising. After all, a thesis statement is your main point. 

So, the excellence of the essay itself relies on an excellent thesis statement. Never go with the first version of TS. Moreover, do not even go with the second draft either. A good essay writer makes sure to edit the thesis statement after the paper is finished. Use this approach to make sure TS is not shoehorned and the arguments just develop it.  

Edit and revise without mercy

Finally, do not neglect revising and editing. It’s not enough to glance over your paper if you want to get an A. Naturally, that’s the only type of editing you can do when struggling to meet the submission deadline. Thus, make sure to set aside at least a day before the deadline, so you can do the editing and revision during your study session without any rush.

This is a different process to writing. And it wouldn’t be wise to do it all at once. When you edit and revise, try to look at your essay as a reader rather than an author. And if you struggle to be objective, there’re always the best essay editing services to turn to. Just make sure that you’re not submitting a draft.

Wrapping up

That’s about it. If you want to nail your essays, follow this simple guide. Make sure to get invested in the topic and find what gets you passionate about it. Be mindful of academic writing style guidelines as well as proper formatting requirements. Do not forget to work on the overall structure of the essays either. Pay close attention to your thesis statement and never go with its first version. And that advice would apply to the whole paper when you get to editing and revision.