Greenlee County SAR locates hunter lost in snowy woods

Greenlee County SAR Photo: The Greenlee County SAR worked through the night’s snowy conditions to locate and assist a lost hunter.

Staff Reports

GREENLEE COUNTY – The Greenlee County Search & Rescue Team successfully located a hunter lost in the snowy woods north of Clifton on Tuesday.

According to a release, SAR members and Greenlee County Sheriff’s Office deputies received a call at about 10:30 p.m. on Monday regarding a possible lost hunter roughly three miles from U.S. Highway 191 North near milepost 218.

A deputy responded to the area and then activated the SAR team at about 1 a.m.

After a bit of driving through snowy and icy conditions on the trail and hiking through the area, the hunter was found.

According to the release, the hunter found shelter when he realized he was lost and snow began to fall. The National Weather Service issued a hard freeze warning for both Graham and Greenlee counties this morning, and this area was higher up in elevation and even colder.

Greenlee County SAR Photo: The Search and Rescue team made their way through snowy conditions to locate the lost hunter.

A Department of Public Service Ranger was called in, however, he had to turn his helicopter back due to the storm.

The hunter was given some food and drink and was given a ride back to his camp, seemingly none the worse for the experience.

SAR reported that they all made it back to Clifton at about 9:30 on Tuesday morning.