Fort Thomas Rescue saves Tempe couple who drove into the Gila River

Photo Courtesy Blain Brown: A white pickup truck is shown trapped in the Gila River in this picture taken Saturday. The occupants were helped out of the truck by Fort Thomas Rescue on Friday night.

By Jon Johnson

FORT THOMAS – A Tempe couple who drove into the Gila River while looking for the Eden Hot Springs on Friday night was pulled from the water by Fort Thomas Rescue.

According to Graham County Sheriff’s Office reports, the couple said their GPS navigation system led them down Fort Thomas River Road and they got stuck while attempting to cross the river. When informed that there was a bridge in the area, the driver said he did not see the bridge in the dark. The truck was located just west of the bridge facing north.

Fort Thomas Rescue pulled the occupants from the truck and took them to the Fort Thomas Fire Station, where they were interviewed by deputies. After determining that the driver was not impaired, the coupled was taken back to the scene and were able to collect their personal belongings out of the truck and turn off the engine, according to a deputy’s report.

The couple was then transported to the Economy Inn in Safford. Due to the muddy conditions, a tow truck was not called out that night and the truck was left where it was stuck.

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