Editorial: UFOs and other intriguing stuff

This mock-up shows what the ‘the Calvine incident’ is said to have looked like.

Column By Mike Bibb

If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard more UFO stories than you care to remember.

Admittedly, I’ve seen a few unusual things occurring in the night skies – some I can’t rationally understand or explain.

Except to shout, “What the hell was that?” as a bright object horizontally streaked past and disappeared within seconds.

No, it wasn’t a meteorite vaporizing into Earth’s atmosphere, speedy jets, weather balloons, a failed missile launch, or iridescent swamp gasses rising in the misty air of a calm evening – usual government retorts to strange occurrences they don’t want us to know or think about. 

Even though we may have just viewed something out-of-the-ordinary with our own lying eyes. 

Along with images of crop circles, bizarre cattle mutilations, and military, and commercial pilot encounters with superfast moving aircraft, comes news of recently rediscovered pictures of UFOs taken over 30 years ago. 

Okay, here we go again.  Supposedly, more definitive evidence these unidentified gizmos are buzzing around everywhere – we just fail to notice unless we happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to actually see or be abducted by one.

Then, of course, the government’s denial of knowing anything about the reports immediately follows.  

According to the British newspaper, The Mirror, Aug. 14, 2022, two hikers trekking the Scottish Highlands in 1990, snapped a few photos of a large diamond-shaped aircraft hovering in the area near Calvine, Scotland.

When developed, one of the pictures, allegedly, displayed exceptional clarity, revealing much detail and features of the alien craft.  It also captured the image of an inquisitive British fighter jet approaching the UFO. 

The picture became known as the “Calvine Photograph,” and was promoted as the “world’s best” UFO picture.

I guess it wasn’t the more commonly viewed greenish film with fuzzy objects, blurred almost beyond recognition.

Never did fully understand why UFO picture quality always seems to be out of focus, regardless of the types of cameras used.  From less expensive personal Nikon’s to costly military digital grade, it almost appears UFOs must be equipped with some sort of image distortion feature, capable of deceiving a camera’s lens.

Anyway, following the development of the picture, the photos began a journey into oblivion.

Reportedly, the hikers gave the pictures to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper.  In turn, the newspaper handed them to the United Kingdom’s Ministery of Defense (MOD).

However, for some unexplained reason, the hikers’ stories and pictures were never published by the newspaper.  Nor, did the defense ministry wish to discuss the topic.

Apparently, stonewalling efforts have been going on ever since until David Clark, a former curator for the MOD UFO project at the National Archives, contacted Royal Air Force press officer Craig Lindsay.

Coincidentally, Lindsay made copies of the original pictures during his time at MOD in the 1990s and agreed to provide Clark with duplicates.

Ordinarily, continued silence on the mysterious UFO would have come to an end with the public release of the pictures.  After all, what would be gained by government reluctance to deny the authenticity of the photographs?

Similar to reported UFO citing’s and documentation in the United States, Britain’s Ministry of Defense has sealed the “Calvine Photograph,” and matters pertaining to it, until 2072.

Fifty additional years.

Why?  What could be of such national importance, or military significance, to prohibit the release of information into the public domain concerning local aerial phenomena?

Maybe it has something to do with the hikers’ original report they witnessed the 100-foot-long object hovering above the hills for about 10 minutes, then quickly ascended and disappeared as the fighter jet closed. 

Or, under closer examination, did the pictures expose the vehicle possessed advanced innovations and capabilities far beyond what was achievable in a 1990s aircraft?  

Government secrecy usually invites suspicion and rumors.  Unless MOD is of the opinion UFO technology is too advanced for British citizens to comprehend, or presents issues of national security, then it’s difficult to grasp their hesitation in releasing a few 30-year-old photographs.

Especially, considering similar pictures and UFO accounts are frequently reported in all parts of the world. 

“We may not be any closer knowing exactly what the object seen over Calvine in August 1990 was,” said Graeme Rendall of UAP Media UK (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, United Kingdom), “or who it belonged to, but an important piece of the puzzle has dropped into place due to diligent research.” 

Perhaps, but sounds like it’s just more of the same old run-around and obfuscation that’s been going on since ancient man gazed upon the stars, saw something weird, reported it to local authorities, and was promptly told he must be nuts.  

“If you’re smart, Ahmed, you’ll forget all about this UFO stuff.  The Pharoah has enough on his plate dealing with angry gods, locusts, frogs, a bloody Nile River, and some street preacher calling himself Moses.  Plus, construction on the Great Pyramid is 27 full moons behind schedule” cautioned Imhotep, the Imperial Court’s Supreme Vizier.  

Continuing, the vizier further recommended, “Go home, Ah, kiss your wife and kids, keep your mouth shut, show up for work tomorrow at the brick pits, and maybe you’ll live to enjoy a comfortable retirement.  Otherwise, His Eminence has ‘six ways from Sunday’ of making your life even more miserable.”*  

*A slight paraphrase of U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (NY-D), Jan. 3, 2017 warning of what might happen if President Trump tangled with the DOJ, FBI, or CIA.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.