Editorial: This is not about freedom

Column By Mike Bibb

In a recent White House announcement, President Joe Biden remarked in his speech to the nation, “This is not about freedom.”

Whoa – an actual admission by Joe the COVID-19 vaccines are intended to be compulsory, not voluntary.

Weird, coming from a lifelong liberal Democrat with more than 50 years in public service.  People are now supposed to get jabbed in the arm as a matter of civic duty.

For their own good, of course.

It wasn’t too long ago he assured us the federal government didn’t have the lawful authority to order such a drastic procedure.  He couldn’t either.

Guess he’s changed his mind, with the cooperative encouragement of the Centers for Disease Control.

Why the sudden reversal?  Simple, he’s a professional politician seeking fame, recognition, and authority.  No one really expects him to say what he means, or means what he says.

Seems every week his presidential management skills are sinking to new lows.  Without a doubt, in only eight months in office, he’s nearly wrecked our nation’s foreign and domestic policies.  While hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants flood across our southern border, he’s busily approving the importation of thousands of Afghanistan refugees – mostly unvetted and unvaccinated.

However, to him, that’s not the problem.  Unvaccinated American workers are far more dangerous to society than someone from a Third World village in who knows where?

“We’re going to protect the vaccinated workers from unvaccinated workers,” he declared from the White House on Sept. 9, 2021.

Really, vaccinated workers need protection?  I thought the vaccines were supposed to take care of that problem.  

Something is upside down.  If the vaccines do not protect people from the virus or other unvaccinated individuals, then what’s the point of getting the shot?

Especially if two shots are administered and the person still has to mask up.  Then, they’re telling us a third jab may be necessary?

I realize President Joe must be far, far more intelligent than most folks give him credit.  I’m not going to dispute that claim, even if I thought I could.  To be president of the most advanced society currently existing requires a certain amount of brain-power and behind-the-scenes support.  Not just any country-bumpkin could be elected to the highest public office without a little smarts. 

It takes an exceptionally brilliant president to decide the medical needs of each individual in a country of 330 million citizens, and then require everyone to be administered an inoculation they may not want or need or face certain civil penalties.

Actually, it would take a genius of unparalleled perspicacity to comprehend the multi-faceted complexities of such a monumental task.  I’m not sure Joe, being ninth from the bottom in his graduating law class, is qualified to dispense medical advice. 

Sounds more like a job for a family physician.

Nevertheless, to insist vaccinated people need protection from unvaccinated people completely eludes my ability to figure out what he’s thinking or talking about.  Maybe a sign his cognitive abilities are so far advanced that normal folks can’t keep up with his reasoning processes.

Using a baseball analogy, while I’m struggling to reach first base, Joe is rounding third, heading for home.  He’s that much ahead of the game.  It’s scary how bright he must be.  Obviously, he hides it well.

Unfortunately, in Joe’s world, a vaccinated individual is as much at risk of being infected as an unvaxxed citizen.

All of which sounds like a subtle admission the vaccines are not working as advertised.  If a vaccinated person is just as likely to be infected by the virus as an unvaccinated individual, then what’s the purpose of injecting something into your body that may not protect you from the contagion?

In the COVID environment of constantly moving goalposts, today’s CDC’s recommendations will be outdated by 4:30 in the afternoon.  Expect a whole new set of rules and regulations by mid-morning tomorrow. 

I’m sure Dr. Anthony Fauci – probably the highest-paid government virologist ever – has a logical explanation for all the confusion.  If not, he can make one up.

Joe, of course, will nod in complete agreement.  After all, it’s not about freedom.

The opinion in this editorial is that of the author.

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