Editorial: Senator Kelly and Kabul

Photo By Omar Sobhani/Reuters

Column By Mike Bibb

I’ve searched the local papers, read a few articles relating to U.S. Senator Mark Kelly’s (D-AZ) recent visit to Graham and Greenlee counties, learned of his ambitions to spend boatloads of money on President Biden’s “Build Back Better” projects but unless I missed it, I could find no information regarding his opinions of Biden’s botched military retreat out of Afghanistan.

Somewhat surprising, considering he’s a former Navy captain.

Both Graham and Greenlee counties have a sizeable population of military veterans.  Many are active in various civic organizations and perform ceremonies for military-related events.

Actually, I come from a family whose men served in the armed forces during war and peacetime.  Including myself, my dad, granddad, and several other male members – and a few female members, i.e. my aunt and daughter – participated directly or indirectly, in various conflicts. 

Personally, I don’t usually boast of my service, being of the belief it was something that was expected and wasn’t out of the ordinary.  In reality, however, military service is out of the ordinary as only a small percentage of the nation’s population has ever been involved.  Presently, I think one or two percent comprise our country’s armed forces. 

I’ve spoken to a few community veterans about the president’s hasty and unorganized bailout from Afghanistan, and every one of them expressed disbelief in the way it was handled – and is continuing to be managed. 

Apparently, local vets aren’t alone.  After only eight months in office, Biden’s poll numbers are slipping faster than his scampering from inquisitive press reporters. 

Of course, other controversial issues are also contributing to his declining popularity, but the Afghanistan debacle is a big one.  No doubt about it. 

This is why I was surprised Sen. Kelly failed to mention the subject.  I certainly realize being a member of the same political party as the president is probably the primary reason the subject was ignored, but I’m sure he’s cognizant of the fact the Democrat Party will be facing major damage control over Afghanistan in the mid-term elections next year.

There’s no way to sugarcoat or spin it away.  Joe messed up big-time and the whole world knows it.  Especially our allies in the region.  For him to grovel before Taliban butcher’s while American hostages are being forced to fend for themselves, is unbelievably ignorant and incompetent.     

So, folks like Sen. Kelly should simply admit the president’s actions in Afghanistan were a mistake, own up to it, and try to convince the voting public that while our withdrawal was ugly and there will be adverse ramifications for years to come, the American people could more easily move on if their elected leaders apologized for the errors and made a sincere commitment to do better.

Asking forgiveness isn’t a sign of weakness, but consideration of other’s opinions.  It’s even more effective if the person asking for the pardon really means it.

That’s always been a sticking point with politicians.  Their scripted speeches often do not match their unscripted behavior. 

The opinion expressed in this editorial is that of the author.

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