Editorial: More confusion at DOJ

Column By Mike Bibb

I mentioned in a previous article why didn’t Biden’s Department of Justice increase former President Donald Trump’s classified document 37-count indictment to 137, 237, or 1,337? — “Wow, What A Week!,” Gila Herald, June 12, 2023

Well, maybe they read my story and thought that was a good idea.

Seems the DOJ is preparing a “superseding indictment” of 30-45 additional charges against Trump, and moving the case to a more favorable DOJ court location.

That would run the charge count total up to about 80.

Basically, stacking the deck against Trump even more.  We’ll call it “Justice” – just in case someone thinks otherwise.

In a couple of weeks, DOJ can add another 30, 40, or 50 allegations.  Guess, the sky’s the limit since law and sanity apparently aren’t. 

Twisting the dagger a little deeper, according to Newsmax, July 2, 2023, DOJ special council is also considering bringing charges against Trump’s attorneys who counseled him during the 2020 presidential election challenge.

Government lawyers going after Trump’s lawyers because, I suppose, they had the temerity to represent Trump.

Whoa, this whole legal fan-dangle is quickly spiraling out of control.  At this rate, even Trump’s dog is in jeopardy of being indicted, arrested, and tossed into a federal pound.

Maybe, the entire Republican Party or anyone who has ever voted for Trump stayed in one of his hotels, attended his rallies, or wore a red MAGA cap is subject to arrest. 

Where does the silliness end?

In the meantime, DOJ appears totally unconcerned with Joe unlawfully removing classified government documents and carting them off to various locations. 

Nor, is it particularly interested in Joe and Hunter’s financially profitable dealings with Chinese, Ukranian, and Russian officials.  Citing Congressional investigations and whistleblower reports, the two have accumulated several million dollars – perhaps, more than $20 million dollars – from questionable foreign sources.

Never mind Hunter’s exceptionally lenient DOJ plea deal avoiding jail time for failing to file income tax forms, pay taxes, and falsifying a federal firearms application in order to purchase a handgun, which he later tossed into a dumpster adjacent to a public school.

Reckon that’s perfectly alright if your name is Biden.  But, don’t anyone else dare try it. 

Wait, crack cocaine was discovered inside the White House during the July 4th holidays.  By golly, wonder how that got there?  Secret Service must have dozed off for a moment or two, and it quietly tip-toed by.

If it wasn’t Hunter’s, probably a leftover treat from the recent big Gay Pride Month June celebrations.

Here’s an idea, who cares?   Let’s include it on the charge sheet of Trump’s “superseding indictment.”   No. 83.

Things keep getting more and more curious at Joe and Jill’s house.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent our system of justice, at least on the federal level, is rapidly descending into chaos.  Open borders and COVID restrictions led to a plethora of idiotic mandates, designed to weaken the economy, restrict individual freedoms, and enhance government control.

I couldn’t dine in a restaurant without wearing a face mask of some sort, but millions of illegal aliens were permitted to traipse across our borders without one.

Families were limited in gathering for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a loved one’s funeral, but Walmart and Home Depot were open to selling bath towels and 2 x 4s every day to as many people who entered their stores.

Schools and churches were ordered closed in fear of spreading the virus.  As a result, kids were dumbed-down even more, and teenage suicide rates increased. 

Thousands of people lost their jobs because they refused to get COVID shots.  While others receiving the inoculations and boosters got sick.  Including Joe, and several of his staff members. Was that fair?  Of course not.  Yet, we were compelled to comply with these ridiculous rules, envisioned and promoted by health and government administrators who had no idea of the damage they were inflicting upon society.
However, the pharmaceutical industry made tons of greenbacks selling their potions to an anxious medical community, intent upon enjoying the fruits of the newly arrived miracle drugs. 

Not included in the government’s massive COVID spending spree were billions of dollars of abuse, fraud, and waste.  It’s uncertain how much money was stolen, improperly spent, or pissed away.

Who knows, maybe Joe and Hunter slipped a few bucks into their pockets?  I’m sure the Director of the DOJ would tell us if they did.  He looks like an honest guy, in spite of rumors of impeachment. Strangely, for some reason, he doesn’t care for Donald Trump.

While we’re struggling with our own personal problems, Joe and his team have been busily designing schemes to increase their dominance in our everyday lives.

Including, continually harassing and prosecuting a former president in vain hopes of preventing him from running for president again.  If successful, the votes of millions of citizens who supported Trump in his previous election would be denied a repeat opportunity in 2024.

Although, there is no law preventing Trump from running again – even from prison. 

Let’s face it, nearly everyone now knows what’s going on – these are politically motivated tactics using the law as a tool of suppression. 

Democrats aren’t trying to disguise their ambitions by pretending their arguments support criminally prosecuting Trump with a loopy 80-count indictment for some kind of civil document irregularity. 

Plus, invoking the Espionage Act of 1917 only adds to the DOJ’s incompetency image; a theatrical trick that’s more smoke and mirrors than reality.

In spite of mouthy accusations and legal finagling, Biden and his DOJ may have bitten off more than they can chew.  As is often the case, when the public figures out the con and the pendulum begins swinging the other way, the resulting consequences can be severe. 

Trump reminded Biden and the Dems of this fact during a rally in Pickens, South Carolina, on July 1, 2023, when he told the crowd, “You know, I’ve been hitting him differently than I have been because I’ve always respected the office, and when they indicted me for nothing, I said, ‘Now the gloves are off.’  Now we have to say it like it is.  He’s a crook.  Crooked Joe Biden.  I never called him that.  I took the name away from Hillary Clinton.  We call her beautiful Hillary now.”

“Now it’s crooked Joe because it’s a much more appropriate name right now for this man who’s just destroying our country.”

From increasing reams of emails, documents, video, computer evidence, banking statements, and interviews with individuals familiar with Joe and Hunter’s business activities, it’s certainly beginning to look like they are both more than a little crooked.

All of these lies and deceptions are as believable as Joe’s recent boast “Bidenonomics are working.”

Sure, it is – Everything costs more and interest rates have tripled.  In Joe’s case, a BBB rating could stand for Biden’s Blundering Bureaucracy.

Unfortunately, if you normally read or view mainstream media news, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of these stories. 

Which is exactly what they want you to continue to do.