Editorial: Joe’s falling popularity

Contributed Photo/President Joe Biden

Column By Mike Bibb

In spite of the ongoing hearings by a House Democrat Committee regarding the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Riots, President Joe’s popularity is rapidly dwindling – even among members of his own party.

In a recent New York Times/Siena College Poll, reported on July 11, 2022, more than half of his own party – 64% – would like to see someone else lead the Democrat Party ticket in the 2024 presidential elections.

In office only about a year-and-a-half, Joe has managed to turn off a majority of his base.  With Republicans and Independents already decidedly against him, his political future seems very cloudy. 

Also, Senate Democrats are starting to back away from endorsing him in 2024.

There’s an obvious reason for their reluctance; Joe’s incoherent record as president has been a Cat-5 disaster.  Nearly everything he’s been involved in has gotten progressively worse.

In politics, there’s no “Until death do us part” clause.  It’s more like “We’re with you until the next election — unless we’re not.”

With Joe’s tanking poll numbers, and the mid-term elections a few months away, Democrats are getting a little jittery.  Biden is beginning to weigh like an anchor around the ankles of the party faithful which, in turn, will adversely affect many Democrat office seekers.

Seems a foregone conclusion that Democrats are going to suffer significant losses in the mid-terms.  Unless there’s some kind of sudden reversal of Democratic fortune, Republicans will gain numerous seats in the House of Representatives and pick up a few in the Senate.

Consequently, Democrat leaders are looking intently at 2024.  If they also lose the presidency, their grip on power would be greatly lessened.

Actually, it would be a complete flip from where they are now. 

In a recent survey by the Daily Caller, a popular online news publication, only five of 50 Democrat senators responded they would endorse Biden in 2024.  The remaining 45 either did not reply or are having second thoughts on the matter.

Joe’s bumbling of the economy, inflation troubles, doubling of gas prices, open borders, and disastrous national and foreign policy decisions have made it painfully clear his leadership skills are woefully inadequate in nearly every arena of importance. 

His erratic behavior can no longer be disguised, excused, or covered up by a previously sympathetic press.  Nearly everyone now understands this, including social media and officials of his own political party.

Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran understand it, too. 

I’m flabbergasted the public seriously expected anything more.  Joe’s accomplished little meaningful legislation his entire time in Washington.  He’s simply a subpar 50-year career politician, collecting a paycheck on the taxpayer’s dime.  His selection as the Democratic presidential candidate in 2020 was merely a matter of desperation.  He was the final choice in a field of lackluster candidates. 

It was only the hate Trump mantra that enabled him to move into the White House.  Mental acuity and physical hardiness were never considered.

We’re seeing differently now.  So are ranking members of the Democratic Party.

Democrat National Committee member Steve Simeonidis, put it bluntly on CNN News, on June 13, 2022, “To say our country was on the right track would flagrantly depart from reality.”  

Continuing with his concerns about Biden, he added, “It’s a host of factors.  The first being that the approval rating is not where it should be at this point.  But also, more importantly, if you look at the polls with regards to the direction of the country, less than a quarter of Americans think that our country is on the right track.  With polls like that, people are going to be looking for a changed candidate.  They’re not going to be looking to vote for an incumbent with approval ratings down in the thirties.”

Simeonidis believes Joe “should announce his intent not to seek reelection in ’24 – right after the midterms.”

Who’s he suggesting, VP Kamala Harris?  She’s bumping along with about the same disapproval ratings.

Either Biden didn’t get the memo or neglected to realize the enormity of his declining popularity.  Joe has already announced he is going to run again in 2024, regardless of what others may think or say.

Sometimes, narcissism evolves into an incurable disorder.

If that’s the case, it’s not beyond the realm of possibility he may be opposed by other candidates from his party.  Democrats, in addition to dealing with the Republicans, could suffer a serious schism within their ranks. 

Meanwhile, Hillery Clinton is patiently lurking in the shadows, a constant reminder she wants the job as much as Joe.  Always has.

Similar to Joe’s previously failed presidential attempts, her third time may be the charm.

However, the nation’s “basket of deplorables” could prevent that from happening – again.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.