Editorial: Is it ‘FJB’ or ‘let’s go, Brandon?’

Column By Mike Bibb

The natives are getting restless.

Unmasked and unafraid, packed college football stadiums and NASCAR race enthusiasts are spontaneously vocally and visually expressing their disapproval of the nation’s current political and economic situation.

On nationwide TV, no less!

In what has become a growing phenomenon, the “F-Joe Biden” chant is sweeping into many colleges and university football stadiums on game day.  Fans’ animus towards the current president is unmistakable – and they’re not hesitant to verbally scream it loud enough for the media microphones to pick it up.

In spite of the announcers’ best efforts to talk over the noise. 

Recently, an impromptu remark by a NASCAR trackside reporter at the Talladega Super Speedway in Alabama attempted to awkwardly substitute the rambunctious “FJB” acronym with something entirely more benign:  “Let’s Go Brandon!” in recognition of the winning driver, Brandon Brown.

As many race attendees cupped hands to mouths and yelled the derogatory FJB, the clever sports announcer inadvertently set off a new celebration with a less vulgar cheer, but synonymous with the original FJB shout. 

“Let’s Go Brandon!” is a cleaned-up version of the FJB outcry.  Sportscasters and media talking heads may try to put a different spin on it, but it’s evident from the uproarious protests and anti-Biden signs displayed by hundreds of game and race fans, that Brandon Brown is not the target of their criticism – only a socially polite way of expressing their contempt in an era of bias news narratives and woke censorship.

Actually, the incantations are reflective of Joe’s rapidly descending popularity.  His first nine months in office have produced the most public discord of any presidency in modern history.  For a candidate proclaiming “Unity and Healing,” his actions haven’t produced the desired promises — or come close.

Joe’s tanking poll numbers tell the story and doubting upper-tier Democrats are becoming alarmed.  Mid-term elections are only a year away, and the jumbled messes created by the president’s team are staggering.

It literally seems he can’t do anything without stumbling over his own ineptness.  Previously sympathetic news outlets are beginning to actually report his bumbling deeds, realizing they can no longer be ignored or covered up.  There are simply too many to conceal, make excuses, or blame on Trump.

Biden’s house of perpetual nontruths is starting to wobble because fewer and fewer people are believing the deceptions.  All they have to do is look around to see what is actually happening.  

Soaring gas prices, rapidly rising costs of nearly everything, Joe’s super-colossal Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, massive supply chain disruptions, son Hunter’s laptop computer nightmare, proposed IRS’s monitoring everyone’s banking accounts, civil unrest, tax increases, border upheavals, disjointed climate change debates, multitrillion-dollar spending suggestions, COVID and mandated vaccine controversies.  

Plus, his lack of private business experience and refusal to take questions from the press has become noticeably apparent.  His 50 years in Washington have nearly been void of any significant achievements.  He’s been in politics longer than some of the statues in the nation’s capital. 

Not even CNN or MSNBC continue to pretend these things are not occurring.  When the geniuses on “The View” begin to suspect some of his antics, you know there’s a problem.

As a result, the FJB and LGB demonstrations at various sporting venues are simply a reflection of increasing unhappiness with an administration that seems totally out of touch with mainstream America.  

Free money, free rent, free food, free utilities, free this, free that and little incentive to return to work eventually has repercussions.  The bills inevitably come due and someone has to pay.

Uncontrolled borrowing, spending, taxing and government money printing only temporarily delays the unavoidable.  When the value of a nation’s currency is no longer protected or backed by the full faith and credit of the government, then the game is about over.

No country in history has ever taxed and spent itself into prosperity.  It’s a contradiction in terms and basic economics.  I’m not certain Joe and his progressive advisors are smart enough to comprehend this. 

Maybe that’s the real political statement behind FJB and Let’s Go Brandon – simply peaceful demonstrations expressing the folk’s displeasure with an administration that in only a few months seems to have lost its way and has no idea where it is, where it’s going or where it will end up.

Conceivably, this may be the Biden Presidency epitaph.

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.