Editorial: How could this happen, Tony? 

Column By Mike Bibb

You knew it was a just matter of time before Dr. Anthony Fauci became a victim of his own paranoia.

The self-anointed Crown Prince of the Great COVID Terror of 2019, and President Biden’s infectious diseases guru, has fallen into a trap, entangled in a mess he helped create.

Yep, folks, Tony has COVID-19.  Or, so he says.

You are probably as shocked as I am upon hearing this disheartening news.  Perhaps the most vaccinated, boosted and double-masked individual on the planet has succumbed to the very virus he’s so adamantly cautioned against.

The world is a much more vulnerable place with Dr. T in quarantine.

Still, from the sanitized confines of his home’s impregnable “germ bunker,” he’s managed to gather enough strength and fortitude to continue the fight; a conflict endangering us all unless we obediently follow his leadership.

“Hail Tony,” a true COVID commander, staring down adversity while courageously leading the charge against an unseen enemy.

Never mind he’s been disrespectfully tagged “Flip-Flop-Fauci” for his constantly changing views on the contagion.   It’s what he professes today – this minute, this second – that counts. 

According to the Associated Press, June 15, 2022, “Dr. Anthony Fauci, the face of America’s pandemic response through two White House administrations, has tested positive for the coronavirus.  The 81-year-old Fauci is fully vaccinated and has received two booster shots.”

With his laptop Zoomed and Skyped into all regions of the universe, he assures us a cure is readily available;  a few billion more dollars from Congress and a batch of new vaccines from the drug oligarchs is the solution.

Remember when we were guaranteed by experts, including Fauci, that vaccines would stop the virus?  They were the silver bullet that would terminate the hideous disease. All we had to do was roll up our sleeves and let well-intended nurses and healthcare practitioners jab our arms with some kind of experimental concoction that hadn’t yet been approved by the FDA. 

Well, their hype turned out to be bogus proclamations – COVID is still here in one form or another.  However, the vaccines provided a significant boost to various pharmaceutical corporations’ bottom lines.

Is a return to lockdowns next?  Tony is fond of the strategy and speaks of it often, in spite of a Johns Hopkins University, and various studies in Europe, indicating they reduced COVID deaths by only 0.2%.

In other words, more of the same old tried and failed misinformation he’s been spouting the past few years.  Only now, Tony’s working from home.

Coincidentally, another official, U.S. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra, has joined a lengthening list of public administrators who have also tested positive.  This is his second time, even though he’s vaxxed and boosted.

Undeterred from promoting the government line, every one of these virus-infected bureaucrats has insisted on how grateful they are for being fully vaccinated and boosted prior to their infection. 

Makes about as much sense as saying, “I’m sure glad I took four doses of Ex-Lax before I became constipated.  Now, the cramps don’t seem to hurt as much”      

A subtle indication the unvaccinated continue to remain at risk from the fully vaccinated and boosted members of society.

Of course, that’s not the politically correct or social media thing to say.  

Unfortunately, I envision Tony’s next scary COVID campaign slogan could warn us to, “Get the vax and relax.  Skip the shot, risk casket rot.” 

The spin never ends. 

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.