Editorial: How about an anti-mask, vaccine petition?

Column By Walt Mares

Walt Mares: Walt Mares has been in journalism since 1976 and has covered Greenlee County since 1983.

“If you say it, mean it.” So reads a button I often wear. It is a gentler way of saying, “Put up or shut up.”  If you belong strongly enough about something, go for it all the way.

That may be something folks who believe the COVID virus is a hoax should consider. Likewise, those who believe wearing a protective mask is an infringement upon their “freedom.”

‘By gum, they ain’t about to let the danged guvmint tread on them and mess with their right to decide for themselves.’

There have been violent incidents in which people chose to defend their so-called rights.

Most recently, a woman refused to wear a mask while aboard an airplane. The rule is simple: if you do not wear a mask you are not allowed to fly. 

She became rowdy about it and was escorted off the plane – in handcuffs. That was but one of many such incidents that have occurred in various settings.

Here’s a solution. How about such folks making a strong statement about their beliefs? Perhaps they can put pressure on certain people in their state legislature or in Congress to come up with something, such as a personal statement of belief. It would state they are among the staunchest of non-believers in the COVID “hoax” and reject any imposition on their freedoms such as having to wear a protective face mask.   They could carry copies of the document containing their signature. 

The document would allow them to forego any punishment for rejecting rules and regulations regarding the wearing of masks. Say what? Perhaps anti-mask and anti-vaccine legislators, state and national, such as Arizona’s Congressman Paul Gosar would sponsor such legislation. Heaven knows he has already done some very bizarre things that are not in Arizona’s or the nation’s best interest.

Perhaps Gosar could also push the idea of folks in the anti-mask crowd having tattoos put on their arms. Heck, maybe even have them wear tattoos on their foreheads. 

Why not? People who so strongly believe in the anti-cause can then show just how hard-core they are in their beliefs.

Ah, but wait a minute. Just one catch: at the bottom of the document would be a line below their signature. It would have only three letters: DNR – and it too would require a signature. DNR means Do Not Resuscitate. That way, if people who are non-believers contract COVID, they are stating that they do not want any medical treatment – and that most likely means death. 

That would ease up the tremendous pressure on hospitals across the nation which are dealing with overloads of COVID patients. It would allow medical folks to pay more needed attention to patients suffering heart attacks or other emergencies.

So, if you are a person who is absolutely against wearing protective masks and thinks the Covid pandemic is a hoax or some kind of “guvmint” conspiracy, sign a statement stating so – and be sure to sign the DNR line at the bottom.

Give someone else a chance to live.

The opinion stated in this editorial is that of the author.