Editorial: Hey Joe, here come the subpoenas

Picture of a House Oversight Committee placard showing the trail of a Chinese energy company’s $5 million wire transfer to Hunter Biden, then distributed to James and Sara Biden, with Joe ultimately receiving $40,000.

Column By Mike Bibb

If national news reports are accurate, it seems subpoenas are headed toward various members of the Biden family.

The U.S. House Oversight Committee investigating alleged multiple foreign and domestic “influence peddling schemes” of Joe, Hunter, and James Biden, has indicated it is about to wrap up its research and will soon move into the subpoena phase to summon suspects and witnesses to establish the Biden’s have taken in at least $20 million in unreported income.

Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky), speaking on Newsmax News’ “Eric Bolling, The Balance” show, Nov. 2, 2023, announced, “We built a case that will win in court, and we’ve made it all the way to the personal bank records of the Biden’s.”

Recently, another $40 thousand check to Joe, from his brother James’ wife, was made known.  This, followed the revelation of a similar $200 thousand check from James to Joe, indicating it was for some kind of “loan repayment.”  (See Gila Herald, Oct. 26, 2023 — “Joe’s Loan Repayment.”)

The $40,000 – also labeled “loan repayment” – would fit Hunter’s boast that 10% of his proceeds were intended for “The Big Guy.”

Joe is known as the Big Guy, and Hunter received $400 thousand from CEFC, a Chinese energy company.  10% of $400,000 is $40,000.

Not a bad payday for Joe.

But wait, hasn’t Joe said several times he doesn’t know anything about Hunter’s foreign business deals?  I guess he’s never bothered to ask Hunter, or his brother, how come they keep sending him personal checks for thousands and thousands of dollars that say “Pay to the Order of Joseph R. Biden Jr. — Loan Repayment”?

If Joe knows nothing about these checks, why does he keep cashing them?  Maybe, he thinks they’re a tax-free pre-Christmas gift from Santa.

Comer continued on The Balance program “So, now that we can trace the money, we have enough bank records that we can bring the Bidens in.  We’re preparing everything now to be able to serve them and try to bring them in.  We’ve got a couple more bank statements that need to come in first, but when that comes in, it should be in a matter of days.

“Then, I think the American people who want to see this family held accountable, I think they’re going to be very satisfied with the next step,” Comer concluded. 

Fox News “Jesse Watters’ Primetime,” Nov. 1, 2023, explained the situation: “China wired Hunter’s company $5 million.  Hunter’s company wired Hunter $400,000.  Hunter’s company wired Biden’s brother money.  And then Biden’s brother’s wife wrote Joe a check for 40 grand.  Well, wait a second.  What’s 10% of 400,000?  That’s 40 grand.  That’s 10% for ‘The Big Guy.’  I wonder if the Democrats will change what a smoking gun means?”

Other news agencies are finally beginning to acknowledge something that seems goofy within the nation’s First Family.  There’s simply too much money being tossed around between various Biden relatives to have been earned by ordinary means.

Reportedly, at least nine Biden family members have received funds from foreign wire transfers.  Possibly, some of these folks didn’t realize their banking accounts may have been used as deposit receptacles for Joe and Jill’s extracurricular financial gigs.

On Nov. 8, 2023, Rep. Comer announced subpoenas have been issued to Hunter Biden, James Biden, and Rob Walker, a Biden family associate.

Now, we’ll see if they voluntarily appear before the House Oversight Committee.  Remember, these people are not part of the Biden Administration.

Since they’re private citizens and can’t claim executive privilege to avoid questioning, it’s probably time to “lawyer up, up” or plead the 5th.  Maybe, both.

If there was ever a valid RICO case (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act), looks like this one would qualify.  In addition to possible U.S. Constitution, Article II, Sec. 4 violations for Joe.

Remember, for years no income taxes were withheld, paid, or declared.  Yet, the Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, and Delaware State Revenue Department have remained suspiciously quiet, despite committee evidence and whistleblower reports.

The $20 million figure is a starting point — some believe these concocted plans could have brought in two or three times as much. 

What is going on here?  Have the Biden’s been surreptitiously involved in numerous scams that have resulted in reaping enormous sums of ill-gotten money, percolated through a system of bogus shell businesses and banking accounts?

Or, as Joe reminded us, “This is all a bunch of garbage.”

Really?  Bank records, texts, emails, documents, photos, phone calls, eyewitnesses, whistleblowers, and Hunter’s laptop recordings are a bunch of garbage?

The problem with Joe’s argument is even “garbage” is real.

Copy of a $40,000 personal check from Sara Biden to Joe Biden, indicating it was for a “loan repayment.”  The House Oversight Committee also uncovered a similar personal check for $200,000 from James and Sara Biden to Joe Biden was also marked as a loan repayment.  Loan repayment for what loan or loans?

Consequently, a person may believe none of it is true, some of it is true, or most of it is true.  

Which is it?  Why would a Congressional committee spend time and effort to make all this stuff up, risk being exposed — and discredited — if it wasn’t true?

We’re about to find out.  If placing a bet, don’t believe I would wager against the evidence — regardless of what Joe’s defense team offers in rebuttal, or what mainstream media wants us to believe.

Of course, there’s always the proverbial “ace up the sleeve” trick.  Joe may be relying on his DOJ and IRS remaining mute.  Much like they’ve done in Hunter’s gun rap.

If that’s the situation, then our entire system of justice is in danger of crumbling.  Law and evidence will be determined and applied according to the social standing, wealth, or political influence of the accused.

However, things could dramatically change if a new, more aggressive administration and DOJ take over in January 2025.  Joe might have to face reality since he would no longer have his buddies covering for him or his family. 

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.