Editorial: Fate of our freedom 

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Column By Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin

The vaccine mandates are being challenged in the highest of the highest place for the prevailing of justice; the U.S. Supreme Court. The battle commanders fighting against vaccine mandates are patriots, heroes, liberty-lovers. Legal eagles with a deep-down-to-the-bone knowing in their knowers. Avengers of the U.S. Constitution. These American citizens and their liberty-loving supporters recognize the emperor has no clothes. And it’s not a pretty sight. But, will freedom ring? Or be disconnected? “We’re sorry, but you have reached a working number that is no longer in service.”

The first case is being challenged by a coalition of large and small business groups, 27 states, and individuals. Courageous citizens speaking out for the “…the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Will the Star-Spangled Banner cease to wave? Will the red-white-and-blue be shredded? Will freedom be fractured?  

National Federation of Independent Business v. Department of Labor is the first case at the center of the vaccine-or-test mandate issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It requires employers with 100 or more employees – roughly two-thirds of the private sector – to compel those employees to either be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly. Plus, wear masks at work. The only exceptions are employees who work at home or outside. 

Biden v. Missouri, the second case examines whether the Biden administration can enforce national rules that require all health care workers at facilities that participate in the Medicare and Medicaid programs to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they qualify for a medical or religious exemption. The Department of Health and Human Services issued the rule, which applies to more than 10 million workers, in November. 

The second case smacks of strings tied to federal funds. We pay you – we own you. The government under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is no longer a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” It’s a government usurping the people. Any political party that mandates any vaccine in order to keep your job, send your children to school, receive access to healthcare, buy your groceries, or travel is totalitarian.  

Since the COVID vaccine is not really a vaccine because the vaccinated continue to contract the coronavirus – then why is the Biden bunch so obsessed with shots and boosters? What’s up with the Anthony Fauci and Big Pharma dance? Is something going on behind closed doors?  

Read an excerpt from Heidi Wetzler’s editorial at ClarkCountyToday.com. “I have watched countless videos and read many more stories from health care professionals as well as individuals who believe these vaccines are causing grave harm. And this is only in the first year. Many more virologists, doctors, and scientists purport that the majority of the deaths are still to come due to clotting, antibody-dependent enhancement, and a general weakening of the immune system. And the coming boosters will increase these risks. This information continues to be censored and suppressed. I’ve written in this space before about the global suppression of early treatment options and how 85 percent of those who have died from COVID-19, died needlessly without the aid of effective early treatment.” 

Americans must be educated on both sides of the pandemic story. Critical thinking necessitates access to all information whether perceived as misinformation or not; especially when one political party demands censorship. And just why is the current administration so obsessed with censoring any information on oppositive viewpoints?  

The fate of freedom is truly in the hands of the Justices of the Supreme Court. The future of individual liberties will be decided by nine Americans.  

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.” – Abraham Lincoln  

Melissa Martin is an author and syndicated opinion-editorial columnist. She resides in Ohio. 

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.   

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