Editorial: Another week, another debacle

Column By Mike Bibb

Seems hardly a week passes without President Joe experiencing some kind of debacle.

Now, the nation’s banking system is beginning to wobble with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in California and Signature Bank in New York.  SVB, with offices in 13 countries is, reportedly, the second largest bank failure in U.S. history.

From open borders, to COVID mismanagement, to an epidemic of illicit drugs, to a pathetic and totally incompetent Afghanistan withdrawal, to financially and militarily aiding Ukraine in its dust-up with Russia, to printing and giving out trillions of dollars in an obviously flawed economic policy, to watching inflating prices of practically everything spectacularly rise, to death and destruction during dozens of inner-city riots in the summer of 2020, to declining educational standards, to witnessing our nation’s rail and aviation businesses operate in disarray, to regularly visiting foreign cities while totally ignoring some of our own troubled communities, to shooting down alleged Chinese spy balloons and other objects, at the same time allowing Chinese domestic land and farm purchases, to escalating crime statistics, to Joe’s questionable “family business” associations with suspicious characters, to unlawfully possessing government classified documents at several of his homes and offices, and on, and on, and on . . .

If the sun rises in the morning, it’s almost a sure bet something, somewhere is going to involve Joe in one way or another.

Unfortunately, that’s usually when the trouble really begins.

It’s not unusual bad stuff happens.  It does.  On a regular basis.  Actually, it’s expected.

That’s the way the world works.  Joe should know this; he’s been involved in Washington politics – through Democrat and Republican administrations – for nearly half a century.  Certainly, long enough to have learned a few lessons and solutions to help resolve reoccurring problems. 

Plus, he’s openly bragged he was one of the sharpest students in law school and graduated with rave reviews.    As it turned out, he was about ninth from the bottom.   

Joe has always had issues with telling the truth.  However, there was a tint of candor when he recently mentioned, “I was diagnosed with having a – well, anyway.  They had to take the top of my head off a couple of times, to see if I had a brain.”

Joe was referencing a medical procedure he went through in 1988 to repair a brain aneurism. 

Thirty-five years later, there appears to be increasing concern Joe’s mental acuity is not as sharp as it once was when, at a campaign stop, he challenged a public school teacher to an IQ test.

The test didn’t happen, and Joe later apologized for his brazen behavior.  

One of his smarter moves. 

In Joe’s defense, wife Jill, believes a mental competency test for presidents over 75 years old is “ridiculous.”  In this particular case, she may be right. 

I don’t know if Joe’s sometimes erratic behavior is the result of age related issues, genetic, disease or job stress.

Maybe, just being exposed to an overwhelming dose of D.C’s socialistic wokeness is enough to mess up anyone’s cranium.  

Whatever the situation, it seems to be contagious.  Nearly his entire administrative cabinet looks to be infected with some kind of disorder.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the vice president, secretary of defense, department of justice, transportation, press secretary, Supreme Court appointments and on down the line.  Each one is as bizarre as the other.

Perhaps, a couple of the most unusual appointees is the dress-wearing U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health, Navy Admiral Rachel (Richard Leland) Levine, who is really a man.  Eleven years ago, he “transitioned” to become a woman when he was 54 years old.

Not to be outdone, the Admiral was topped by another skirted airport woman’s baggage stealing government official.  “Non-binary” Sam Brinton, 35, a Department of Energy (DOE) deputy assistant, was caught twice boosting women’s passenger luggage at airports before he was finally placed on “administrative leave”.

With admirals and energy department dudes like these two, foreign nations have to be wondering what in the world has happened to American leadership?

They need wonder no more.  All they have to do is take a look at the millions of illegal migrants flooding across our open borders, or Joe’s total blundering of our Afghanistan pullout and the continuing turmoil from it, or the sorry state of our economy and they will quickly figure out the “root cause” of many of these unpleasantries.  

As former President Harry Truman remarked – “The buck stops here” – when speaking of the success, or failures, of the nation’s business. 

In Joe’s case, it’s probably more appropriate to say, “The trillions of bucks stops here.”
Realistically, being over $32 trillion in debt, and increasing hourly, what’s the purpose in continuing to add it up?  Is only $28 trillion in debt any better?  Or, is $36 trillion in debt any worse?

Sadly, I know how Joe must have felt in 1988.  There’s so much crap going on it’s enough to make a guy’s head explode!

The opinions in this editorial are those of the author.