EAC Theatre Department presents “Clue…On Stage!”

By Lori Dugan/EAC

Thatcher – Take yourself back to 1954. It is a dark and stormy night, quite a distance outside of town, quite a distance off the main road. Up a long driveway, you see a dark, imposing, rather sinister old mansion that few people are ever seen entering or leaving. Tonight, cars are arriving, one by one, guests, perhaps, for a dinner party? A costume party? That must be it, each guest is dressed in some sort of disguise. No one is quite who they seem, their costumes meant to offer anonymity and protection. Tonight, nothing is as it may seem, and the guests don’t have a clue what awaits them!

Eastern Arizona College’s Theatre department is pleased to present “Clue…On Stage,” Nov. 10-13, 2021, at 7:30 p.m., in the EAC Fine Arts Auditorium.

“We are so excited to be back in the theater and back on the stage in front of live audiences again,” said Dale Young, EAC’s director of theatre. “A major part of theatre acting is, obviously, the audience and we have missed performing live on stage these last two years. We are looking forward to sharing this fun whodunnit with our audiences.”

Admission to “Clue…On Stage!” is $5 per person, or free to full-time students with ID. This play may not be suitable for children 12 and under. For tickets visit the EAC website at www.eac.edu and click “get tickets.”