Decoding the world of beauty: A Christmas makeup and skincare guide for teens

Teenage is a confusing time with raging hormones causing acne, combined with painful cystic pimples and a blackhead-dotted T-zone. Add a lack of sleep, schoolwork pressure, and an overall erratic lifestyle to the hormone-causing skincare issues. 

But do not let these skincare issues come in between your teenage daughter’s Christmas plans. Whether you are planning a holiday trip overseas or hoping to help her get the glow on for the upcoming Christmas party, let her know of this makeup and skincare guide. Also, if you were wondering what does a teenage girl want for Christmas, the answer is a well-rounded makeup kit that fits into their skincare routine and helps them look their best. 

Skincare routine for teens to achieve a radiant Christmas glow 

●     Understand and treat acne 

Hormonal surges lead to ace, and this is common during puberty. Breakouts can be prevented by washing the skin, using a toner, and applying a medicated acne gel. You can refer to a dermatologist if your teen is suffering from severe acne. 

You must stop your teen from touching or picking zits as that may cause scars. 

●     Cleanse 

One must thoroughly cleanse the skin at night or even during the day if they are involved in sports and other sweat-causing activities. A salicylic acid cleanser can be used as it helps to exfoliate the skin. After cleansing, toner must be used that suits the skin. It is a good idea to use hydrating toner for dry skin and purifying toner for acne-prone skin. 

●     Moisturiser 

Moisturiser is a must. Even if the skin feels greasy, one must always use a moisturizer that suits the skin. A non-comedogenic moisturizer is a good choice as it feels light and comfortable on the skin. It can be lotion or gel-based. 

If it is not too much to add an extra step, one can throw in a B5 or Vitamin C-based serum to serve as hydration and antioxidant layers. 

●     Sunscreen 

Sunscreen must be a part of everyone’s skincare routine. The sooner sunscreen is added to a skincare routine, the better the collagen levels are maintained as one age. SPF also prevents cumulative photodamage. 

Hence, after applying the moisturizer, one must reach for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. It must be applied as directed. 

●     Skin masks (for immediate effect)

Masks for the skin are not to be used every day, but for that special glow before Christmas, you can give your teenage daughter a clay mask set. This can be a revitalizing experience for the teen as it is enriched with minerals and ingredients like aloe vera and turmeric. The mask can work to soothe, cleanse, and revitalize the skin. You can even get a mask set that will detoxify, brighten, and offer deep hydration. 

It is important to note that good sunscreen can also prevent pigmentation caused by hormonal changes. 

Besides these, do not encourage your teenage daughter or niece to use skincare heavy hitters, such as skin exfoliating products or products with anti-aging ingredients. If too much is done too fast, it can irritate the skin and lead to more acne. 

Christmas makeup for teens 

A teenager doesn’t need to do much to look beautiful. It is their innocence and charm that makes them stand out from the crowd. So, if they follow the skincare routine before the holidays, they will already have a glowing face that they don’t need much. 

But for that oomph, you can give them a vegan-friendly makeup brush set so they add a little blush to their cheeks. They can also apply lip gloss to accentuate their lips and a bit of eye glitter to have the spotlight on them. 

As a part of the makeup ensemble, you can give them luxury perfume and accessories to bring their makeup and attire together. 


With this makeup and skincare guide, and by gifting the right cosmetic products to your teenage daughter, you can help them shine the brightest during Christmas. They will be able to showcase their beauty and charm during the holidays. 

So, check what products your teenage daughter or niece has and give them the right makeup kit. You must also ensure they follow the skincare routine correctly and continue with it even after the holiday season is over. 

Please note that if your daughter or any teenager you know has severe acne issues, they must consult a doctor before applying any skincare product. Some of the products may irritate their skin. 

Do you have a teenage daughter? What skincare routine does she follow? Does she do something special for the holidays? You can share your thoughts and also mention a few of the products used by her in the comments below.