Cow shot and killed west of Pima

By Jon Johnson

PIMA –  Authorities responded to the area of Matthew’s Wash just west of the Pima town limits early Sunday afternoon after it was reported that someone had shot and killed a cow.

The reporting party informed a Graham County Sheriff’s Office deputy that he was across the road from the scene at about 11:33 a.m. when he heard three shots coming from where the cattle were situated in a corral.

Upon arrival, he noticed one of the cows had been shot in the middle of its neck. The man said he didn’t see anyone leave the area as he was approaching and had no idea who could have shot the cow, which was given a rough estimate of being worth approximately $1,500.

The man said the owner of the cow was informed of the incident and would respond to butcher the animal so its meat would not go to waste. A livestock authority was also called to the scene and informed the deputy that he would wait for the cow to be butchered to attempt to find the bullet so they would at least perhaps get an idea of what type of firearm was used.

The deputy scoured the area but was unable to locate any shell casings or other evidence to link who the shooter was.

A person accused of shooting another person’s livestock can be given various charges, including misconduct involving weapons and cruelty to animals, and be responsible to replace said animal or pay its worth.

Anyone with information regarding the cow shooting should call the Graham County Sheriff’s Office at (928) 428-3141.