Couple caught injecting heroin in Firth Park restroom

Jon Johnson Photo/Gila Valley News: A homeless man was found injured in the Firth Park restroom area, Friday.

Jon Johnson File Photo/Gila Herald: A couple was caught in the process of injecting heroin while inside the men’s restroom at Firth Park

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – The city of Safford has made numerous improvements to Firth Park over the years to make the amenity more usable for the general populace, but, like most cities, there still is an unsavory element that continues to plague the facility.

On Saturday, June 16, an officer responded to the park at about 7:55 p.m. after a man had been reported to be in the women’s restroom and had refused to leave.

Upon arrival, however, no man was located in the women’s restroom. The officer then checked the men’s restroom and discovered Henry and Michelle Guerrero together in an open stall, seemingly in the process of injecting heroin.

The officer detained the couple and seized several items from the top of the urinal, including a bloody wad of toilet paper, a spoon with liquid in it, and multiple syringes. One of the syringes was half-full with a substance that Henry advised was heroin. A second syringe had only a flight bit of liquid left inside.

Henry allegedly admitted to using heroin to alleviate pain and claimed ownership of the items. Michelle allegedly said the heroin wasn’t hers but admitted she was going to use it to get high.

Both subjects were then arrested for possession of a narcotic drug and drug paraphernalia and were booked into the Graham County Adult Detention Facility.