Border Patrol agent stabbed, suspect shot and killed

File Photo By Celisse Jones/Cronkite News: A Border Patrol agent fatally shot a suspect after he stabbed the agent with a knife multiple times during an arrest east of Nogales on Monday night. The agent was treated and released from a Tucson hospital.

Staff Reports

NOGALES – A Border Patrol agent fatally shot a suspect who stabbed him multiple times during a struggle Monday night near Nogales.

According to a news release, the agent was patrolling on foot east of Nogales when he came upon a group of illegal aliens and apprehended them.

During the arrest, one of the individuals armed with a knife assaulted the Border Patrol agent by stabbing him multiple times.

The agent managed to fire his sidearm and fatally shot the assailant. The name of the suspect was not immediately released.

The Border Patrol agent was airlifted at the scene by CBP Air Operations to the Nogales Airport. From there, an air ambulance then flew him to a Tucson hospital, where he was treated for his wounds and released.

The FBI, CBP Office of Professional Responsibility, DHS Office of Inspector General, and the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office also responded to the scene, with the FBI serving as the lead federal agency for the investigation into the incident.  

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