Booking Report June 18 – 23

Following is a listing of bookings from the Graham County Adult Detention Facility from June 18, 2018, through June 23, 2018. All information is gathered from the jail’s booking roster. While the following have been incarcerated, each person is considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Abbreviations: SPD — Safford Police Department; TPD — Thatcher Police Department; PPD — Pima Police Department; GCSO—Graham County Sheriff’s Office; DPS — Department of Public Safety; GCPD — Graham County Probation Department; EACPD — Eastern Arizona College Police Department; SCPD — San Carlos Police Department.

June 18

Eddie Sanchez, 61, misconduct involving weapons, driving on a suspended license, SPD. Christopher Talgo, 27, warrants, GCSO. Sonny Seballos, 31, warrants, GCSO. Jessica Score, 32, aggravated DUI, SPD. Saige Skinner, 19, warrant, SPD.

June 19

Rodriguez Kindelay, 43, warrants, SPD. Daniel Gonzalez, 20, warrant, TPD.

June 20

Mark Wakefield, 25, warrant, SPD. Marco D. Fuentes, 29, warrant, GCSO.

June 21

Carlos Benavidez, 33, warrant, TPD. Julie Rodriguez, 32, possession of drug paraphernalia, DPS. Simon Castro, 31, burglary in the second degree, aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, interfering with judicial proceedings, PPD.

June 22

Ric Sandoval, 27, criminal trespass in the first degree, TPD.

June 23

Josiah Hunter, 19, underage alcohol violation, DPS. Christopher Garrobo, 29, criminal damage, disorderly conduct, SPD.