Bicyclist hit by car dinged by police for improper cycling

Contributed Photo/Courtesy SPD

By Jon Johnson

SAFFORD – A bicyclist was struck by a car July 31 but was found at fault for the collision. 

An officer responded to the area of Main Street and Central Avenue at about 7:17 p.m. regarding the collision. 

Upon arrival, the driver of a Kia vehicle advised that she stopped in the westbound lane of Main Street at a red light and was going to attempt a right-hand turn. After looking both ways, the driver proceeded to make the turn but then a bicyclist rode in front of her from the sidewalk. 

The driver told the officer that she was upset for hitting the bicyclist and damaging his bike and wanted to give him $100 and offer a ride home. 

The bicyclist, identified as Robert Martin, told the officer that he was riding on the sidewalk and had a green light. He said he attempted to avoid the vehicle but his tire was struck. Martin had a minor abrasion on his elbow and declined medical attention.  

However, the officer pointed out that Martin was at fault for the collision because he was riding on the sidewalk, failed to walk his bike through the intersection due to being on the sidewalk, and was not riding his bike with the flow of traffic on the opposite side of the road but was riding against the traffic. 

Even though the driver was informed she was not obligated to pay for any of the damages, she still wanted to give Martin $100 for the bike. Eventually, a friend of Martin’s arrived at the scene and picked up Martin and his bike. 

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