Best career options to consider in Arizona

Photo By Florian Scheider via Unsplash

Arizona is a desirable state to visit and live in, with its many natural attractions like Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon National Park, and the Petrified Forest National Park. However, it’s also known for having a number of in-demand occupations like management, manufacturing, healthcare, and construction. 

If you’ve been considering upskilling and moving somewhere exciting with lucrative job opportunities, Arizona can rank highly on your list of places to live. Don’t look past the following job options in this state to take your career to new heights. 

Business Management

Anyone studying online Ed.D organizational leadership open to Arizonans might be surprised by its potential to broaden their career prospects in the management field. Studying organizational leadership provides you with helpful knowledge about organizational behavior, change, and innovation, putting you in a strong position to thrive in a management role. 

With an Ed.D. in organizational leadership, you might find it easy to secure a job as a corporate or non-profit executive, management consultant, or even a corporate trainer in Arizona. With hundreds of thousands of businesses open in Arizona and thousands more launching every year, it might not be long until you’ve secured employment and put yourself on the trajectory to career success. 


Whether you’re highly skilled or qualified in information technology, you’ll likely find a job to suit your needs in Arizona. The state is continually fighting against a tech talent shortage, with businesses and corporations desperate for experienced employees to help them build robust systems and networks. 

While automation can go a long way toward solving some IT worker shortages, the ideal solution would be to bring people experienced in this field to the state of Arizona and fill some of the many job vacancies. 


Arizona would likely welcome you with open arms if you’re already involved in construction or are studying toward a trade qualification. Construction is listed as an in-demand industry, meaning there are plenty of vacancies for construction experts who stay ahead of construction trends and can build residential and commercial structures. 

According to Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc, the construction industry needed to attract at least 650,000 additional workers to meet labor demand in 2022, and there is still a significant shortfall in 2023. 


It’s no secret that healthcare workers are in short supply throughout the United States, and Arizona is no exception. If you’re a trained healthcare professional and have been thinking about moving somewhere exciting with affordable living costs, Arizona might be at the top of your list. 

According to the Arizona Department of Health and Human Services, at least 82 areas in Arizona are medically underserved, with only around 39% of needs met in the state. By moving to Arizona and filling one of the many vacancies, you might be helping to ensure that as many Arizonians as possible have access to the best healthcare. 

Moving to a new state can be daunting, but there are plenty of reasons to consider calling Arizona home. Alongside the many natural attractions to enjoy in your spare time, your valuable skills might be in great demand, making it easier to secure employment and experience career success.