Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Giants at the UoPX Stadium

Importance of the game

While early games will often not make or break a season, this second-week game will certainly prove which team has improved and which will continue the poor form they showed last season. 

Right off the bat, Borgata Online is confident that the Giants will take the victory for one simple reason. The Giants are simply in a better starting position than the Cardinals, who — by all accounts — will struggle to be up at half-time, let alone win games. 

Experts are already predicting that the Cardinals will only win two games all season, with some pushing it up to three wins. Considering these wins will most likely come against the Falcons and Texans, and then a surprise win against someone else, the Cardinals are already looking dead in the water. 

However, this game could drive them to perform in the first few difficult games. They will play the Cowboys, 49ers, Bengals, and Rams next, and a win against the Giants could soften the impact of a potential run of losses. 

On the other hand, the Cardinals have won four out of the last five meetings with the Giants. While the previous game was in 2020, this does show that the Cardinals can be a sticking point for the team from the Big Apple.

Cardinals season predictions

As mentioned, the Cardinals are almost definitely in for a very bumpy 2023–2024 season. Not only are they the weakest team by a country mile in their division, but their schedule will be an uphill battle from the start.

They will probably start the season with a loss to Sam Howell and the Commanders, possibly beat the Giants, but then go on a losing streak that lasts all the way to week 10 when they can potentially beat the Falcons. 

Another win in week 11 against the Texans could potentially be the last success they see, as they will then face the likes of the Steelers, 49ers, Rams, and Eagles. They will likely end their season with six losses on the bounce and not even smell the playoffs. 

It also doesn’t help that Cardinal stalwarts like DeAndre Hopkins and JJ Watt have left the squad, creating a chasm that will be hard to fill. To make things worse, even if Kyler Murray heals from his injury, the Cardinals are in a transition period, and his performance may not even matter. Additionally, that is all based on whether he even returns for the season.  

Giants season predictions

Unlike the Cardinals, the Giants are set to have a season to remember. With a 9-7 record last season, the Giants are not only in a position to match that but if all goes to plan, the top of the NFC East and the Playoffs are a real possibility. 

While finishing at the top of their division will be tough, many believe their losses will come at the hands of the bigger and stronger teams, while they will pick up many wins along the way. 

The Giants are in a situation where they are about to start a season where their fate is almost entirely in their own hands. They aren’t strong enough to defeat the best teams but can beat the rest. 

This will give them a positive record by the end of week 18, and if some teams slip up, they will be in the running for a playoff berth. However, this will depend entirely on them beating the weaker teams, which will be difficult as the Raiders, Commanders, and even the Cardinals can play them off the field on their day. 

On the surface, this game may not look important. However, it could catalyze a more successful season for either team. Both the Cardinals and the Giants can benefit from taking home the win on the 17th. 


With the Cardinals predicted to go a record-tying 2–15 and the Giants looking for any wins they can get, this game can turn their fortunes around or put a stop to their seasons before they even truly get going. 

As mentioned, Borgata Online believes the Giants will take the win and are predicted to — at the very least — be in the playoff picture once the regular season ends. The Cardinals, however, considering they are expected to have one of the worst seasons ever, might pull out a surprise or two, but not much else beyond that.