Area students receive scholarships from Eastern Arizona College

Photo By Kris McBride: Eastern Arizona College’s 34th annual Scholarship Banquet was held earlier this month to recognize the scholastic achievements of nearly 80 EAC students. Pictured here are recipients of the Alumni Association Scholarship. They are, front row, from left, Kamee Bell, Jalen Long, and Shelby Johnson; back row, from left, Kyle Perkins, Kristy Arbizo, Jodie Maner, Hannah Bradley, and Trevor McFarland.

By Lizzie Clonts

THATCHER —Eastern Arizona College’s 34th annual Scholarship Banquet was held earlier this month to recognize the scholastic achievements of nearly 80 EAC students.

The banquet, held at EAC’s campus in Thatcher, recognized donors and recipients of nearly 55 scholarships. Many of the scholarships are annually funded by the generous contributions of various organizations and individuals, while others are endowed scholarships funded by the earnings provided by the gifts of donors.

The first scholarship of the night, the Alumni Association Scholarship, was made possible by the gifts of EAC alumni through annual fundraising. The scholarship was presented to eight students who are children or grandchildren of EAC alumni who demonstrate exemplary character traits and academic ability. Recipients included Jalen Long, of Moreno Valley, daughter of Leigh Ann and Jim Long; Hannah Bradley, of Pima, daughter of Michael and Geralyn Bradley; Jodie Maner, of Heber, daughter of Jimmie and Jill Maner; Kristy Arbizo, of Safford, daughter of Luke and Marie Arbizo; Shelby Johnson, of Pima, daughter of Justin and Cari Johnson; Kamee Bell, of Eager, daughter of Amy and Brian Bell; Kyle Perkins, of Snowflake, son of Matt and Mary Perkins; and Trevor McFarland, of Thatcher, husband of Abilehi McFarland.

Rayvaughn Bolton, of Kent, Washington, son of Denise Alexander and Kevin Bolton; and, Kallee Reidhead, of Holbrook, daughter of Kamron and Tracy Reidhead, were both presented with the Dr. Dorine Chancellor Athletic Scholarship. This scholarship assists one women’s softball student (Hollestelle) and one men’s basketball student (Bolton) each year.

Henry Colvin, of Safford, son of Henry and Lorraine Colvin, received the DRG Technologies Business Scholarship. This scholarship is given to students pursuing a degree in Business.

Elizabeth Mabb, of Payson, daughter of Jamie and Brian Mabb, received the Dr. Ron Keith Memorial Scholarship. The family of Dr. Ron Keith, a former faculty member and administrator at EAC, established this scholarship in order to help students who are members of the EAC band program.

Eden Cluff, of Pima, daughter of Karen Campanile, was awarded the GFWC – Woman’s Club of Safford Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a Gila Valley high school graduate. She also received the Belle and Arnold Greenbaum Scholarship, which is given to a student who shows their involvement and support of Eastern Arizona College.

Calli Harmon, of Thatcher, daughter of Bill and Carolyn Harmon, was rewarded the Graham County Republican College Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to a student who has graduated from a Graham County high school and is a registered Republican on their 18th birthday.

Brooklynn Williams, of Snowflake, daughter of Melissa and Brandon Fountain, received the Kristie and Patrick Putnam Scholarship. Jerry and Karen Berg award this scholarship to a student who is a single parent studying business, nursing, science, or computer science.

Eve Mayes, of Animas New Mexico, daughter of Kris Josefy and Kyle Josefy, was awarded the Elizabeth Louise Loeb Memorial Scholarship, which is given to a full-time student from Thatcher High School majoring in music. She also received the Ella T. and J. David Lee Memorial Scholarship for students who are majoring in either Administrative Information Services or another vocational field.

Tashina Lujan of Gallup, New Mexico, daughter of Marc and Tina Lujan, received the Follett College Stores Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a returning student majoring in Business with an emphasis in Business Administration or Small Business Management and a high cumulative GPA.

Oscar Arias, of Nogales, Mexico, son of Felipe Arias and Christina Islas was awarded the Fred and Olga Pace Scholarship which is given to a deserving Graham County resident returning to EAC in pursuit of a degree that provides preparation for gainful employment.

Ashley Polkabla, of Globe, daughter of David and Tesha Polkabla, was presented with the G. Wayne and Phillis Blake Scholarship. This scholarship is given to a student who was a Miami, Globe, or San Carlos High School graduate demonstrating financial need.

Zoe Thomas, of Tucson, daughter of Craig and Sarah Thomas received the Helen Papas Memorial Scholarship which is awarded by George Paps in memory of his wife of 53 years. Helen loved music from great choirs. This scholarship is intended to help music bless the lives of others as it did Helene’s.

Bailee Hardy, of Safford, daughter of Michelle and Darrin Webb; and Kenneth Boxberger of Cedar City, Utah, son of Garrick and Danelle Boxberger, were both given the Kalvert W. Lines Scholarship and is awarded to a sophomore student with a 3.75 GPA who also demonstrates financial need.

Madison Hall, of Show Low, daughter of Mike and Nikki Hall, was presented the Keith and Kathleen McBride Crockett Family Alumni Scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must be a child or grandchild of an EAC alumnus.

Jennifer Williams, of Thatcher, daughter of Gwen and Warren Dean, and Roy and Pam Agee, was given the Anna Deane Millett, Don and Carlotta Pace Scholarship, which is presented to a student who has achieved academically while a freshman at EAC who will be returning in the coming year, and the Bette N. Smith Nursing Scholarship which is funded in her memory. Bette Smith was interested in the higher education of young people, especially as it relates to nursing and medical careers. This scholarship provides funds for educational purposes.

Julia Shumway, of Eagar, daughter of Darren and Rynda Shumway, received the Dennis Braithwaite Memorial Music Scholarship, which is presented to students who love music and wish to continue their study of music at the college level. She was also awarded the Dr. David G. Lunt Choral Music Scholarship.

Cameron Byrd of Snowflake, son of Ron and Cari Byrd; and Sally Evans, of St. David, daughter of Wes and Janet Stover, both received the Donald J. Caldwell Educational Scholarship. This scholarship is given to students in the Nursing Program to help them gain skills in demand by today’s employers.

William Faucett, of Thatcher, son of Michael and Annie Curtis; and Cayden Curtis of Thatcher, son of Josh and Becky Cardiff; and Brandon Faber, of Chinle, son of Loveta King and Marco Faber, received the Douglas Michael Loeb Memorial Scholarship which is given to students who are a full-time EAC student majoring in either automotive mechanics or auto service technology.

Elizabeth Hunt, of Rio Rico, daughter of Russell and Eileen Duke; Susannah Norton of San Manuel, and Ellie Nielsen, of Colonia Dublán, Mexico, daughter of, Shauna and Clayton Nielsen, received the EAC Foundation Nursing Scholarship, given to students who are in the Nursing Program.

Larry Colelay, of San Carlos, son of Florine Jones, was awarded the Mary Kim Titla Scholarship. This scholarship is for a Native American student who shows personal integrity, good moral character, and citizenship, and is enrolled full-time at EAC.

Kimberly Allen, of Las Vegas, Nevada, daughter of Gilbert Wilson, was presented with the Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center Foundation Scholarship, which is given to students who are from Graham or Greenlee County who are enrolled in the EAC Nursing Program.

Tristen Begay, of Round Rock, son of Philander Begay and Cassandra Haudley, was awarded the Pizza Edge Scholarship, which is given to a student with a high GPA and who demonstrates good character, citizenship, and integrity.

Jorden Martinez, of Safford, daughter of Alex and Jerri Martinez; and Samuel Masten, of Pima, son of Shanna Masten, both received the Safford Lions Club, which is awarded to incoming freshmen who are graduates of a Graham County high school.

Desirea Juarez, of Safford, daughter of Pablo and Lori Juarez, was awarded the Safford Rotary Club Scholarship, which is given to a deserving Graham County high school graduate.

Makay Ferrin, of Thatcher, daughter of Dan and Kim Ferrin, was awarded the Ashley Marie Beals Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship memorializes the life of Ashley Marie Beals and is intended to improve the quality of health care in Southern Arizona and beyond by supporting a nursing or pre-medical student.

Chelsea Carpenter, of Pima, daughter of Cindy and Jay Pullis, received the Bernstein Brothers Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded to students who are single parents.

Kale Tanner, of Heber City, Utah, son of Lindsay and Gwen Tanner, was given the Debra Mullenaux Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was created as a tribute to the life and memory of Debra Mullenaux.

Jason Boren, of Central, son of Teresa and Darvil Boren, was awarded the Dr. Pam Rule Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship memorializes Dr. Pam Rule who taught anthropology courses at Eastern Arizona College and served as a director of the EAC Museum of Anthropology.

Emily Nagy, of Waddell Ariz., daughter of Lisa and Christian Nagy, received the George R. Bingham Jr. Memorial Drama Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a full-time EAC student seeking a degree in Theatre and Cinematic Arts.

Taylor Brown, of Buckeye, daughter of Tiffany and Chris Hart, received the H. Greg Brockmeier Scholarship. In honor of Greg Brockmeier, who has provided 32 years of service to the community and his employer, this award is presented to a new or returning student.

Joeline Blair, of Thatcher; and Lorina Rice, of Safford, daughter of Lori Hill, were both awarded the Helen Johnson Bone Scholarship, which was established by William J. Bone and the late Helen Johnson Bone to benefit a homemaker seeking a degree from EAC.

Connor Christensen, of Thatcher, son of Sean and Lori Christensen, was awarded the John Mikelson Endowed Scholarship. In honor of John Mickelson, a state senator instrumental in establishing the Arizona State Community College System, this scholarship is given to an outstanding freshman returning to EAC for their sophomore year.

Erin Black, of Bylas, daughter of Velticia Mae Zospah, was awarded the Kathryn Murphy-Spencer L. Kimball Scholarship. Students majoring in a university transfer curriculum with an excellent GPA and who have provided service to the College and the community may qualify for this scholarship.

Kimberly Lange, of Willcox, daughter of Juan and Kobus Botha, was awarded the Mark J. Green Spanish Scholarship. In memory of their son Mark J. Green, who passed away while attending Eastern, Max and Nathalene Green award this scholarship to a top student in Spanish Language courses.

Abigail Carnahan, of Globe, daughter of Didi and Ron Carnahan, was awarded the Meghan Lynne Hammer Memorial Scholarship. Family and friends of Meghan Lynne Hammer, who dedicated herself to helping others improve their lives through music, established this scholarship to be awarded to a Miami or Globe High School graduating senior who wants to further their education in the field of music at EAC.

Joshuwa Quinlan, of Springerville, son of Richard and Sherry Quinlan, received the Sarah Lamoreaux Memorial Scholarship. The Edwin Lamoreaux family provides this scholarship in memory of their daughter Sarah. The recipient of this scholarship must demonstrate qualities of goodness, enthusiasm, dedication, and be a positive role model for EAC.

The Sumitomo-Freeport-McMoRan Scholarship, provided by the Sumitomo Metals Mining Corporation in honor of the 30th anniversary of their partnership with Phelps Dodge Corporation, was given to three students studying industrial technology. Recipients of this award were Audrey Castillo, of Morenci, daughter of Michael and Ilsa Castillo; Danielle Machuse, of St. Johns, daughter of Stephalyn Kinlichee and Danford Machuse; and Matthew Porter, of Morenci, son of Mark and Polores Porter.

Jessica Constanza, of Baldwin Park, California, daughter of Beatriz Rosales, was given the Walter and Julia Rogers Scholarship. This scholarship was established with fond memories of Walter’s start at Gila Junior College.

David Wiston, of San Simon, son of Samantha Ridenour; and Duncan Wiston; and Keegan Graf of Benson, son of Christina and Floyd Graf, was awarded the William J. Bone Scholarship, which is given to a deserving student who has been determined to possess personal integrity, good moral character, and good citizenship.

Mikaela Fink of Phoenix, daughter of Larry and Lisa Fink, was presented with the Phyllis Martin Lord Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates economic need, scholarship potential, characteristics of personal integrity, and service to family, church, and community.

There were several other scholarships that were awarded this year. The Max and Clara Curtis Bennett Scholarship was awarded to Alyna Curtis of Thatcher, daughter of Michael and Annie Cutis; and Serena Thurber, of Sierra Vista, daughter of Kerry and Lisa Thurber.

Lila Claussen of Mesa, daughter of Valerie and Larry Claussen, and Taylor Haymore, of Sierra Vista, son of Justin and Karisa Haymore, both received the Ora Deconcini-Martin Scholarship.

The Phyllis Martin Lord Scholarship was given to Mikaela Fink of Phoenix, daughter of Larry and Lisa Fink.

The Allen H. and Marie A. Cress Music Scholarship was awarded to Jasmyn Del Angel, of Show Low.

The Virginia Rae Barr Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Brandy Roark, of Animas, New Mexico, daughter of Wayne and Kimberly Roark.

The William D. Smith Memorial Scholarship was given to Cassidy Brimhall, of Pima, daughter of Jason and Traci Brimhall.
For more information about EAC’s scholarship opportunities, or to set up a scholarship of your own, contact EAC’s Alumni Center and Foundation at (928) 428-8295.