7 online games sports fans will love

As a sports fan, the end of the sporting season is always sad. It feels like there is nothing more to occupy the times when there are no more sports to watch or matches to track. However, the advent of game-related sports will make you rethink your dull state of mind. There are a lot of online games that would have you excited and addicted to playing that you possibly forget sports season.

The following are seven online games that would pique the interest of any sports fan.

FIFA Mobile

What better way to play a game than one based on a sport you love? If you are a fan of football, then you would probably find FIFA Mobile the best game ever to exist. A game with your favorite football teams and players that you can control? Nothing is better than you being in a simulated version of your favorite game, experiencing all the action from the tip of your finger in the comfort of your home.

FIFA Mobile is an online football game for football lovers. It provides a list of football teams you can choose from to represent and compete against them. You can also select your favorite players on your teams and experience live and direct the fun and thrills of the game.

F1 Games

If you are a fan of racing and all it entails, then the F1 games are perfect. The cars or bikes, open roads, and swerving F1 games have all it takes to keep you playing for hours. F1 game has various versions, which makes it fantastic fun for the racing lover. The game’s creators made available different aspects of the game, allowing the players to choose the vehicle they want while working their way to improved versions of their dream car.

The F1 game is created based on the Formula 1 sports competition, so formula one fans can take advantage of the chance to play this game based on their favorite sport. F1 is Formula 1 brought to life.

Book Of Dead

Book of Dead is a casino game like no other. If you are a fan of mystery and casinos, then Book of Dead is the online casino game for you. Created by Play’n Go, Book of Dead is a slot game with five reels and ten pay lines. The catch is for the main character, Rich Wilde, to face Anubis and Osiris while he hunts for the Book of Dead and decides whether to use all ten pay lines.

Online casinos offer up their games to players to play live casino guides. If Book of Dead sounds like a casino game for you, go to PlayLive, one of the largest online casinos in the world, to play it.

Grand Mountain Adventure

You were wrong if you thought there was no game for skiing lovers. Grand Mountain Adventure is a game where players ski on mountains while trying to avoid obstacles and stay on course. It is an entertaining game for anyone who enjoys a bit of adrenaline rush to spice up their gaming.

The game Grand Mountain has five mountains for players to ski across, each one more difficult than the last. Be assured that once you start the game, there is no stopping until the end.

NBA Mobile

The basketball game is naturally intriguing, converted into an online game triple all the fun. NBA Mobile is an online game created for basketball lovers to experience the thrills of their favorite sport. Armed with several plays, the NBA Mobile allows players to develop their teams and play against other teams.

There are leaderboards to help you stay competitive with other online users.


Coined from the sporting game wrestling, WWE is all the combined thrill and fun you have been searching for as a fan of wrestling. The WWE online game has wide varieties, depending on your preference. Players of the WWE game get to pick their favorite characters to wrestle as and enter the ring to fight out against top wrestlers.

WWE is the dream game for the wrestling fan. The best part of the game is getting doing all the wrestling movies and winning the belt without leaving the comfort of your home.

Tennis World Tour

With Tennis World Tour, you can be your favorite tennis player and compete in all competitions to win it all. Tennis World Tour is an online tennis simulation game allowing players to play the tennis game as the top players while trying to dominate. Tennis World Tour provides a handful of game modes that would have you playing for hours.

The best part of the game is creating your player. You can rest assured that playing the Tennis World Tour will give you the authentic experience of tennis sports. See life as your favorite tennis player by choosing your favorite, making decisions, and managing your career, and you might make it to become a world tennis star.

Final Thoughts

Playing games is always a great way to unwind. The best thing about playing games related to the sports you love is getting all the feels and excitement while feeling more present than when you are just watching the sport. Thankfully, even if you aren’t interested in the typical popular sports, there are a lot of online games that would cater to your sporting needs. Each game is different yet similar that they provide you with all the thrills of your favorite sports from the comfort of your home.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it caters to the gaming needs of sports lovers. The best thing about online games is you will know if you would like them once you try them. So give the above games a shot, and rest assured that you will find one that you absolutely love and can’t stop playing. Of course, you can also use the list above as a guide to research more online games you might enjoy playing regularly as a sports fan.